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AutoRama for 2015 was just as awesome as expected. It's always a bit of an experience, no matter how many times one attends, to walk through the doors to the show and have one's eyes immediately drawn in 5 different directions. I guess that's by design as they line the Riddler cars up near the doors.

In many cases I don't pay that much attention to those high end Riddler cars other than a few looks, unless of course something catches my eye. Primarily because building a Riddler contender has become a business in itself. These vehicles have hundreds of thousands, some approaching a million dollars into the build for the specific purpose of being a Riddler contender. To me, while they display the epitome of talent in their construction, they aren't really cars.

So it was quite a surprise to be looking at the ScramJet Camaro only to have the owner interrupt to tell me that I was the first one all day to actually look underneath the car at the suspension setup. He went on to talk about the Corvette suspension it rides on, and how after the show he plans to road race and autocross the thing! Going to get some cone marks on that show paint after all! We had a long conversation about the project as well as a few related topics.

There were a few other notables for me. Interestingly I did many years ago look at buying a Stirling so see the yellow one was kind of a shock. Dark metallic blues are not an often used colour in the hot rod world so they are done correctly, under the lighting of the Cobo center, they can look stunning. While there weren't that many bicycles this year, a hand made aluminium example caught my eye mainly because of the wide-rimmed wheels. Must have taken forever to weld and those things.

Down in the basement, the white monstrosity (and I say that with complete affection!) was MegaSquirt powered. With a rather, let us say unique, trigger wheel arrangement. That's the first MegaSquirt I can remember seeing at AutoRama though the person I spoke with didn't know what version (I deduced MS3x).

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