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Aaron's Homepage is the personal website of Aaron Cake. It contains a wide variety of information related to my various interests. You'll find a massive electronic circuits archive as well as other electronics information, Mazda rotary (including my highly modified 2nd Gen RX-7), crazy and non-crazy projects, antique electronics, potato guns, assorted ramblings, auto show pictures a little about myself, an active community forum and everything in between. Aaron's Homepage undergoes major updates about twice a year and has been in operation since 1995 (27 years).

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can mail me here.

Latest News

Added Cosmo Restoration Video: Part 52: Again With The Intercooler?! - Part 1
Friday, April 01, 2022, 9:11:17 AM
Part 52: Again With The Intercooler?! - Part 1 Part 52 of my 1976 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration has been posted to YouTube. In any long running project, and no one will debate that this is a long running project, there are always things that one looks back on and reconsiders. And for years, there has been a big one in the engine bay: the intercooler. I was never happy with the angular placement and the almost improvised look of the plumbing. It seemed as though it was an after market kit made to fit a space. It... (more)

New Old ISP
Friday, January 28, 2022, 9:25:22 AM
This is a red letter day in the history of this website. Since 2006 the site has been hosted via a Bell dedicated DSL, which became "fibre" (FTTN) sometime around 2015. This cost of this connection continue to increase and with no speed increase possible, there simply was no value anymore in the service. Earlier this week I had a Rogers Business "Ignite" cable connection installed at the somewhat upgraded speed of 1Gb/s / 50Mb/s. Plugged into WAN2 on the router, I swapped the DNS last night to the new IP. There should have been no downtime as the Bell connection on WAN1 continues to serve the site while the DNS propagates. Looking forward to cancelling the Bell contract. Those who are long time visitors to the site may remember that since the late '90s the site was hosted originally on a Rogers cable connection, but only switched to Bell when Rogers started radically shaping bandwidth on consumer connections while refusing to offer business class services to residences. Rogers has since changed that policy so what is old is new again.

Downtime Today, Yesterday
Thursday, October 14, 2021, 6:02:47 PM
My ISP has been having widespread upstream outages yesterday and most of today. Therefore the site was down starting this morning until a few minutes ago. I don't know if it is fixed permanently or whether to expect more downtime later.

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