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If you wish to contact me, you may simply send me an email. To do so, enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page and within a few minutes an email containing my email address will be sent to you. You can then reply to that message or use the address contained within to create a new message to me.

I no longer answer any electronics related questions via email. There are no exceptions made to this rule. Any email I receive asking electronics questions is simply deleted. If you wish to ask an electronics question, please post it on the forum. The forum has a community of helpful users which will no doubt answer your question better then I ever could have. You'll also find me on the forum quite often.

I receive a huge amount of email so it can take a considerable amount of time for me to reply. Be prepared to wait up to 6 months for a reply to your message. I simply cannot spend several hours a day answering email as it comes in. You'll find that when you do receive a message from me, it is spell checked, properly punctuated and well thought out. Please show me the same courtesy when you email me. Consider that you are only writing one message to me, yet I reply to hundreds at a time. If I can put in the effort to write you back properly, then you can put in the effort to send an understandable message to me. If I can't understand what you are asking, my answer won't be very good or I may just delete the message. I realize that English isn't everyone's native language and I can certainly recognize a non English speaker versus someone who is just lazy.

Some ISPs use braindead spam filters, so if you don't receive the email that this page sends, that is probably the cause. If you have the option, add * to your list of allowed senders or "whitelist". If not, then I guess we won't be able to communicate via email and you should try the forum.

Also, you are emailing Aaron Cake, not Aaron Carter (a has-been teenage singer). I used to get hundreds of messages a week from Aaron Carter fans and I don't understand how there could possibly be any confusion between us.

Please don't try and sign me up to Facebook, Bebo, MySpace or any other social network. I don't see any value in these services and I'll just delete the request.

Again, I must insist that you do not email me about electronics issues. I am no longer interested in electronics, and will simply delete the message unless it has something to do something else on this site (for example, Megasquirting an RX-7). There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you want to contact me about RX-7 related items, it would be better to simply post your message on the RX-7 Forum. With about 150,000 members, you will surely get a response quicker than I could provide. Also, as I am an active member, I'll probably see your question anyway. If the issue is specific to me, you may of course still send email.

One final thing. I do not have plans for go-karts, mulchers, scooters, hovercrafts, cable TV descramblers, metal detectors that only find gold, or bombs. There are many places on the 'Net you can locate such things, and I suggest heading to Google and searching "(my item) plans". I also refuse to do your homework. I didn't do it when I was in school, and I will certainly not do it now. Yes, I do know when you're trying to pawn homework off onto me.

Enter your email address into the form below and my contact information will be sent to you within a few minutes.

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I value your privacy, so your address will not be saved or sold to anyone else. I do not keep track of the addresses entered in this form, nor would I ever care enough to do so.