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As with the Detroit show, this years Canadian International Auto Show seemed concentrated on interactivity, augmented reality, and virtual reality. It was hard to visit a display without seeing at least a variation on that theme.

What's nice about the Canadian show is that there tends to be move EV content. VW, Hyundai and several other manufacturers were showing off several models in the form of the e-Golf and Ioniq, among others. It's sort of an interesting contrast between the Detroit show where the Canadian show tends to have several reps around the EVs to answer questions. Incidentally when looking at the Chevy Bolt I had an excellent conversation with someone who recognized me from my YouTube channel. If Chevy wants to sell Bolts, they better do something about the $42,000 (Canada) base price.

Something I was drawn to again and again was the 2017 Cadillac ATS-V. I've always been a fan of Cadillacs, and have always liked the XLR. With the XLR obviously no longer in production, the ATS-V improves on the concept. What's not to like about 464HP of twin turbo V6, 6 speed manual, extremely capable chassis with the classic styling ques of Cadillac? Sign me up! Well, maybe after a few years when they are in the used market.

The sideshows are a big part of the CIAS as say, compared to the NAIAS. Much larger vendor area (if you are into that sort of thing) and then displays including the Art Of The Automobile, local vehicles, local shops and of course the Hall Of Exotics. I'm a sucker for a Pantera. It was also nice seeing the Legendary Motorcar (one day I will stop in at their facility) build 2006 Ford GT in real life after following the build on Dream Car Garage years ago. From one black supercar to another, I've also always been a fan of the Ferrari F40. So rarely seen, and so rarely seen with some tasteful changes. Mirrored later in the show by a "proper" red one.

A special treat for me, not quite off in the corner, was the Can-Am Polesitter Mark 2 of Seann Burgess. It caught my eye because of the specified power plant: Mazda 13B rotary. Try as I might I couldn't identify exactly what 13B, nor how it was set up as it was tucked deep into the chassis and I could only cross the velvet rope for a few seconds at a time as to not feel the ire of the security staff. Best I can guess is a carbureted 13B, peripheral port, dry sump. Indeed the sump of the engine is flush with the bottom of the chassis. There's a lot more RX-7 in that chassis as well. FC (2nd gen) spindles, brakes, steering and many other chassis components were instantly recognizable.

One of these years, I swear on everything which may or may not be holy, I will not get lost in PATH while navigating to the Old Spaghetti Factory. Actually this year for the middle of February, it was well above zero so I should have just enjoyed the surface streets.

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