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Prepping For Paint

Below are some pictures of the car being prepped for paint. I did all this prepwork execpt for the rust repair during the summer of 2001. These pictures are in no particular order.

Front bumper and fender removed for replacement

Closeup of passenger fender removed

Passenver fender removed

Nasty rust under fender to be repaired

Filling in dents in hood caused by hail storm

Hood with dents filled, ready for priming

Hood and bumper being wet sanded

Passenger side being wet sanded

Rear of car being wet sanded

New fender and bumper installed, ready for sanding/filling

Closeup of fender rust repair

Passenger side with new fender, bumper, rust repair

Engine Bay

Drivers side


Passanger side

Sportsworld Photos

While waiting for the others to show up for the Markham Meet, I amused myself by taking a few pictures. Please note that there was hardly any sunlight (infact, I think the flash went off a few times) and I had just drivin 140KM on the highway in the rain. The Kitchener guys and I usually meet up in the parking lot of Sportsworld, a local fun center.


Miscellaneous pictures.

Odometer at 199,999 KM

Odometer at 200,000 KM

Odometer at 249,999 KM

Odometer at 250,000 KM

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