September 2002 Meet Pictures - Markham

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Unfortunately, it was too dark for most of the my pictures from the Markham meet to turn out. However, the highlight of the trip, a '91 with a 20B, was very photogenic and most of the pictures of it turned out fine.

The Markham meet was basically a standard meet. A few of us met up in Kitchener, the drove the rest of the way to Markham where we met up with everyone else. A short drive to Unionville, some hanging out and talking, and then dinner at a local outdoor restaurant. After that, more talking and a little cruising. It was at that point that I started to head home, but several others continued driving to Kingston for another meet the next day.

There were lots of new faces at that meet, and we even managed to pick up another owner almost literally off the street. Overall, a good time.

Update, 2006: Pictures of the 20B car have been removed because the shop that built the car does not deserve the credit. The car still does not run right even after 4 years and a ridiculous amount of money spent. Oh, and they totally screwed over a friend of mine by building him a fatally flawed engine and then refusing to admit their mistakes or even take the slightest bit of responsibility after it seized in slightly less then 1000KM of use.

Update, 2009: After seeing the current version of this car, I was struck by the fact that it still barely starts up, taking multiple attempts and finally struggling to life. And this from a shop of "rotary experts".

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