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After missing EV Fest 2011 I was quite eager to attend EV Fest 2012 put on by the EV Society Of Canada. Taking place on Sept. 9th at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, it was actually a rather brutal weekend for me. The previous day I made the round trip from London to Dundas to attend an antique show with a friend, the back to London to deposit her back home, about 2 hours to eat and clean the Insight, then a turn and burn back to Toronto for an overnight stay to arrive at the show 9AM sharp.

All those hours on the road were worth it because the show was a great success. As well as my 2000 Insight, I also brought my 48V Custom Aluminum Scooter. Sadly the scooter suffered a rear wheel failure in the first few minutes of the show and thus became only a display piece. Even lacking scooter I spent much of my day answering questions the Insight. It never ceases to amaze me the interest that car generates, even 12 years later and some nearly 300,000KM on the odometer. Most are surprised the car is as old as it is, even more surprised when they learn the fuel economy, and doubly so surprised when they find out how many miles I've put on the thing. Always amusing are those who ask "So, when will it be in production?".

Moments when I had some time I was able to walk around and speak to the other exhibitors. This being my first time at the Brick Works after seeing it for years on TV, I did some exploring there as well. Note: wandering off from the tour is always an option, and usually worthwhile. Much of the Brick Works was closed off for a private function that day, which was good for us because it meant more visitors, but bad for me because I couldn't explore as much as I would have liked. Also I was horrified (as were many other exhibitors) to find that the on site restaurant didn't serve any normal food. Hippy vegan stuff is fine and all, but you need to offer some alternatives for those of us who prefer a more robust diet.

Exhibits of note for me were the Citicar (many moons ago I considered one as my first car), the Electracs and other electric yard equipment, and the beautifully crafted wooden e-bike brought by a visitor. People were generally friendly and shocking, I only had to deal with one crazy over-unity "inventor" who was going to "change the world".

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