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I attended the Canadian International Auto Show this year with a friend so it was a more casual visit than a mission to see everything.

My favourite vehicle of the show was the Jaguar F-Type Project 7. I'm not normally a Jaguar person but the Project 7 ticked all the right boxes. Stunning exterior, 575HP, simple roadster style interior.

Speaking of roadsters I was a little disappointed that Mazda did not have the new Miata down on the floor but instead up on stage. Usually the Toronto show is less crowded than Detroit which would have been ideal for a more closeup view of the Miata.

With the CR-Z selling so poorly it was surprising to see Honda is now making supercharging an option. I would have expected the model to be discontinued soon, not upgraded. Supercharging seems a rather odd choice as well since most manufacturers are using far more efficient turbocharging on smaller displacement engines. Then again, perhaps Honda decided that with the IMA already providing much of the low end torque, a supercharger geared to the midrange was the best choice. Of all the random events I was commenting to my friend how the CR-Z is like a modern version of my Insight, but neutered. Lo and behold another Insight owner was beside us and sparked up a conversation. We discussed failed input shaft bearings.

Wandering around the Honda booth, the first computer problem of the show was encountered. Yes, that is a picture of me standing behind a Honda Fit kiosk which is now displaying the latest (at the time of the show) episode of my '76 Cosmo Restoration. Honda did not secure the kiosk very well, which meant that a mischievous person such as myself could easily kill the kiosk process and end up at an unrestricted Windows 7 desktop. Funny thing is that we came back to the booth 5 minutes later as a crowd of viewers had gathered to watch the video. Subaru also had some IT problems, with many of their displays going down due to lack of IPv6 connectivity to localhost. And on the way to the Old Spaghetti Factory through PATH, several of the Hockey Hall Of Fame's displays were showing Windows XP BSODs due to bad RAM (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA).

Unlike Detroit, it was possible to get closer than 75 feet to the Ford GT. It's a stunning car though I'm still not sure how I feel about the buttresses out back.

The Hot Wheels Rip Rod was cool. At first glance it's neat but then take a longer look and it really starts to show some engineering to package everything in a way that is actually drivable and will stand up to abuse.

I really wish the pictures of the Pagani had turned out but the lighting in that area of the show was challenging and the crowd made it worse. What a stunning vehicle. It's the first time I had ever seen one (hardly surprising). What stuck me was that the carbon fibre strands across the entire body were lined up in a perfect grid. Though perhaps for $1,500,000 that is to be expected.

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