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Shortly after Rotary Revolution, it was time for the Ottawa meet. As is tradition, I met the Toronto attendees at Fairview Mall (in Toronto) and we all caravaned down to Ottawa by way of Kingston. Unfortunately just outside of Kingston is when the skies opened and the rain began. This rain continued into the late afternoon, basically eliminating the traditional "show and shine" in favor of a less traditional "hide under the shelter while waiting for the water to stop falling". Once the rain did finally let up, we all drove down to Will and Stacey's house for dinner, drinks and talking. This took place well into the night as a group went off for a midnight cruise. I didn't take part since I had been enough into the second item in the previous list of activities that cruising was out of the question. Those of use that remained sat around the fire and talked rotary into the early hours of the morning. Finally a few (including myself) pitched our tents and went to sleep. Those who did not bring tents slept indoors.

Sunday morning, the sun was shining bright and there was no rain in sight. We met up with more local owners and took the ferry over the river to Quebec and then began our yearly cruise through the mountainous countryside of Quebec. The scenery is beautiful and we always draw attention from the many small towns we pass through as if they knew we were coming.

Unfortunately this year was not without incident. Nearing the end of the cruise, a driver lost control and ended up upside down in the ditch. No one was hurt but it did put a quick end to the cruise and total the car. Based on how we all were driving it was bound to happen sooner or later so it's just a good thing that such a dramatic event took place without actually endangering anyone.

You may notice a lack of pictures compared to the previous meets I attended. At this point, I've basically seen everything there is to see involving RX-7s and taken the appropriate pictures. It's not that I'm bored in any sense, it's more about not having hundreds of pictures of the same thing over and over.

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