May 2002 Meet Pictures- Ottawa

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The April 2002 meet took place in Ottawa, and it was a big one. We had RX-7s from all over Ontario, as well as a few other Canadian locatins (for example, Gimli, Manitoba). I would estimate that at one point there were between 40 and 50 cars.

Those of us from around Toronto/Kitchener/London met up outside of Toronto then drove to Kingston to meet up with a few others. From there, it was off to Ottawa. Meeting at the Corel center, we all had lunch then headed over to a local owners house were we talked, ate and drank. Later that night we attended a few "import" events in Ottawa, as well as going for a cruise.

Those of us from Southwestern Ontario stayed over night at the house, then started the journey back home later the next morning.

Yes, I was still driving my '78 beater. Everyone had a good laugh about that one. With it's one bald tire, fender flapping in the wind, massive oil leak, body made of rust. Several people were surprised it made it there. My '86 was almost done...I promise!

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