August 2002 Meet Pictures- Niagra Wine Route

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The Niagra Wine Route cruise took place in August of 2002. There were several auto clubs present, including the Toronto Miata club and the Protege club. We met up at a Tim Horton's a few KM outside of Niagra Falls, then cruised the Wine Route. This is a very scenic set of roads that lead all around the Niagra area, through the vinyards and of course past the falls.

This was the first time I had taken the '86 on a long trip since I finished the turbo installation, and the jouney was almost without incident. Outside of Kitchener, my exhaust broke just before the catalytic converter. Luckily, a 1/2 hour stop at a local Midas, a little welding, and it was all taken care of. You'll also notice a picture of my guages, specificallly showing the temperature guage. I was having some cooling problems, and creeping in the traffic beside the Falls was making me very nervous.

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