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Date Of Project: Summer 1994

This is a picture of my lawnmower

I built this lawnmower when I was 12 and in grade 8. It is powered by a 3.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Max engine. I built it because me and my brother started a lawn cutting business during the summer. It's still going strong.

The engine was built from the parts from 6 other dead engines. The engine took about 2 weeks to make. It could have taken less time, but I wanted it to last. The base was taken off another scrapped lawnmower and the handle from another. It cost about $20 Canadian to build. I used it for a year without painting it to make sure that nothing will go wrong after I paint it. It is customised a fair bit. The chrome exhaust pipes (removed for this picture) make it look really great. This picture is about 2 years old so the electric starter and turbo charger are not visible.

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