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I was invited to the 2011 Wings and Wheels Heritage Festival by the EV Society Of Canada and I jumped at the chance to attend with my 2000 Insight and 48V scooter. The festival took place over the weekend of May 28-29th at the Canadian Air and Space Museum, located in the old de Havilland Aircraft of Canada factory, in Downsview Park, Toronto. All I can is "Wow!". This was my first (and sadly last, as the festival is no longer taking place) "Wings and Wheels" and without question was worth braving the rain which fell nearly all morning on the first day. Thankfully the weather did clear up for the remainder of the weekend.

Along with some other members of the EV Society I was parked in front of the large main entrance to the museum, under the shadow of the Avro Arrow (replica). Not too often does one get to type a sentence like that. Much of the weekend was spent talking to visitors and answering questions relating to my Insight, scooter and other EVs. But when I had a few minutes to spare, as often as I could find them, I would hop on my scooter and zip around the museum. I'm a sucker for old aviation stuff, fabrication, intricate assemblies and all that goodness one would find in a historic aviation museum. Yeah, so the CF-18 Hornet which paid us all a visit was pretty cool, however it was hard to tear me away from the Avro Lancaster Mk. X undergoing restoration. After talking with some of those working on the project I only wish I had lived closer (and had fewer projects of my own) because I'd quite like to spend evenings TIG welding up corroded prop components.

Inside the hanger were more exhibits, mainly OEM EVs and hybrids as well as all sorts of general aviation related items. I had to make a conscious effort to stay away from all the flight schools, lest I add yet another project to my long list.

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