Christmas Musings and Stalking an Old Friend

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Christmas Musings and Stalking an Old Friend
Friday, December 27, 2002

OK, let's face it: 'tis better to receive then give. And Christmas is about getting. Sad, but true. That's simply how our (your?) society works. And I will fully admit that I am completely guilty of this attitude, as is every other human on this planet. People are selfish, and there's nothing inherently wrong with this. It's hard wired into our brains, it's part of evolution.

That said, Christmas has never really excited me. Sure, when I was very little I was excited, but certainly not as much as the average kid. Nowadays it's pretty much like any other day, except for the fact that I have to get up early on a holiday. Ugh. However, I guess it's nice to give stuff to someone else, and get stuff in return. The only real issue is that I am a very difficult person to buy for. Now that I have been working for several years, I just tend to buy what I need (or rather, usually want) when I need it. And in the past, if I didn't ask for something, I didn't want it. However, this year, being a rather small Christmas (again, it's a children's holiday...once you get older, things get a little more realistic and certainly several more tasteful by several orders of magnitude) I received a bunch of very cool gifts that I did not ask for. People did good. (note: this is not sarcasm, I actually do appreciate this stuff).

My brother bought me this excellent mechanical cork-screw. It's sort of hard to explain, but it clamps on the neck of the bottle and using a lever action can open a bottle of wine in roughly 5 seconds. I am a rather avid wine drinker, so there is absolutely no doubt that this is probably the most useful gift I received. Among other things, my mom gave me a nice set of jumper cables. It's not the kind of thing I would buy for myself (not willing to admit that I will ever need them), but let's face it: you drive RX-7s, you NEED jumper cables. From my brother's girlfriend, I received a "Hot Honda's" calender. Obviously a gag gift, because she knows that my opinion states that the only hot Honda is one that's on fire. A nice surprise was that my mom got me a very elegant Waterman fountain pen. I have always hated ball-points, and a Waterman is a fine pen indeed. I received the Back To The Future box set (on DVD) from my aunt, as well as a selection of shirts from her and my dad. Overall, a good practical year.

What, you really expect me to talk about what I gave others? And go against human nature? I think not. Besides, this is getting pretty long, and there's some importantness below.

So it's about 15 minutes before I have to carve the turkey, and I'm killing time surfing some of the old guestbook entries from 5 years ago. I happened to run across an entry from 1998 by a girl I used to talk to on a local BBS (long time least 1995, maybe earlier). It seems that I overlooked this entry back in 1998, but right now I'm sort of in a "find old friends" and "maybe we'll hit it off" mood. Yes, a little bit of ulterior motive was running through my mind as I located her website, and fired off an email in her direction. What can I say? I'm a guy, she's a girl. And I remember how well we used to get along (virtually). At the very least, I hope that we can start up the dialog again and get a decent friendship going. Well, that's if she replies to the message. We will simply have to wait and see. It has now been 2 days since I sent the message, and have not heard back, but I noticed that it was a university address, so I may be waiting until the holidays are over for her to get back to school and check the mail...

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Christmas Musings and Stalking an Old Friend
Monday, August 11, 2003
then you find out the "girl" is really a guy! lol.

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