Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?

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Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Thursday, June 08, 2006

Due to the recent suspected terrorist arrests in Toronto, many local suppliers have stopped or heavily restricted the selling of ammonium nitrate, a common fertilizer. The fear is that it is far too easy to make an explosive by mixing ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel as the suspected terrorists were planning to do since they apparently had 3 tonnes of the stuff on hand. Funny, I thought that the United States had a monopoly on ridiculous knee-jerk reactions. But I guess it has begun to bleed over to Canada as well. After all, London has just banned the sale of spray paint and markers to anyone under 18 for fear of graffiti, it is now illegal to bring a peanut product (or any product that has come in contact with nuts) into an elementary school due to allergies and I can't even cross the border into or out of Canada without being searched.

But restricting the sale of fertilizer because it COULD be used to make a bomb? How utterly ridiculous is that? I COULD make mustard gas by mixing chlorine bleach and ammonia. I COULD make gun powder with ingredients found in any pharmacy. Salt peter and sugar in a 3:2 ratio makes a wicked smoke bomb but I don't see anyone asking for my ID when I buy sugar. Mixing iron oxide (rust) and aluminium powder makes thermite, a substance that will burn ferociously through anything. Yet I don't see any of these substances restricted. I could walk into a gas station with a 50 gallon drum (every gallon of gasoline contains the equivalent explosive power of 3 sticks of dynamite) and no one would think anything of it. Yet for some strange reason I doubt we will see a restriction on the sale of gasoline anytime soon. Think of how much damage someone could do if they detonated a 50 gallon drum of gasoline in the basement of a public building! Clearly something must be done before the terrorists discover that gasoline is explosive! (sarcasm, in case you missed it)

For that matter, how about fuel compressed into a pressure vessel? Say, for example, a 25 pound tank of propane. Wrap it in small oxygen tanks available from the hardware store, detonate and watch the hilarity ensue! Speaking of the hardware store, can you think of a more useful store to a terrorist? Fuels of all kinds, every component necessary to make a pipe bomb (or hundreds of them), poisons just SITTING ON THE SHELF and of course the most devilish instrument of all: hand tools. Next we will see a hardware store clerks asking for ID when someone buys a hammer because it could be used to bash someone's skull in. Or better yet, ban the sale of hammers to anyone but a licenced contractor. After all no normal person would ever need to wield such an instrument of death! I'm sure cars kill hundreds of times more people every year then terrorists, but I don't see cars being banned anytime soon. Which is quite surprising because a very effective taser can be made from the ignition components of virtually any automobile. Or combine the high-pressure fuel pump with a bit of spare hose, washer fluid nozzle, hacked ignition system and get an instant flame thrower!

Virtually any object or substance in our modern lives can be turned into something "evil" so exactly why are we wasting time targeting the object instead of the people that misuse them?

Comments From Others

Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Sunday, November 01, 2009
Or I could take a gallon jug of gasoline, add a small explosive, and have the Fuel-air explosive, which in this size is more powerful than around 8 pounds of C4. Funny, nobody says anything when i have to use non-gas containers to put fuel in when my approved tank is full of 2-stroke mix.
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Sunday, June 14, 2009
I agree if you banned a simple tool like ammonium nitrate what would be next in fact maybe they should be banning some classes in high schools chemistry classes are giving all of us the basic tools to make bombs.Not saying i would but think we learn how the atomic table works and strontium 20 is used is speaker magnets think about if some one were to get enough of them and refine them to strontium 90 they could build an atomic weapon if dedicated enough. and as for thermite my god that stuff can eat right through a truck moter why not ban rust and pop cans better yet lets just say come exploite our great nations and we will all eat off of wooden plates and say sure bend us all over and fuck us in the ass it is sad that we have to change our way of life beacuse of other humans who refuse to addapt to our way of life.Simply put if you wanna blow shit up and polute our way of life go home we don't want you here it's sad that every time I walk around i don't know if the black guy behind me is gonna scream out west side and start pumping shells over stupid shit or weather the guy from iraq in the corner store is really funding terrorists and is just waiting for them all to get green cards before he flips out I am not racist but fuck it's like you have to worrie about everyone now days.I am a registered gun owner in fact i have many semi and fully automatic weapons but yet you do not see me freaking out an assuming every middle eastern person is a terrorist I am american canadian and everytime i go to the US they think im a terrorist and here all they wanna do is take my guns away gun control has gone to far here and personally I can see why every canadian is looked at like a terrorist look at border control here any one who screams refugee gets in no offense but no wonder tragic and horrable things like 9/11 happened canadas the retarded kid no one wants to play with so it invites the worlds rejects to come play
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Using fertilizers to make miniature explosions, etc. has been possible for ages. My dad speaks of the times in old communist Poland when he and his friends used Potassium nitrate and sugar to make firecrackers, smoke bombs, etc. It's just that society is always obsessing about pointless things, like terrorism, global warming, and corporations want to make it look like they're helping to prevent it.
kill 'em all
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
lol thats pretty funny and tru im from australia and they allready bann spray paint oh and ps. your go cart is wicked
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Friday, May 25, 2007
I agree with you 100%, this is fear thing is getting out of hand. (Hands? They should be next on the ban list. You never know what someone might do with them.)(Sarcasm)
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
i applaud. standing ovation. i totally agree with you on this one.
For the Aaron Carter Fans
Saturday, August 26, 2006
iF YouRe an AArON caRTeR fAN, bUy ferTILiZeR !!!!! iTS cOoL!!!!!!
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Aaron, i agree with you, thats rediculous.
josh jahr
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Monday, August 07, 2006
aaron, things dont kill people people kill people, these fertilizer bombs are mere improvised explosive devices, it is a person that detonates em, i mean soon the government will ban pencils because you can stab people with them (sarcasm), but (this is true i swear) the government is thinking of marking bullet shells with serial numbers so when you shoot someone they can trace the shell back to you, i mean what happens when people steal the loaded and marked bullets from you and kill someone with them guess what you just got framed for murder
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Thursday, July 20, 2006
That's pathetic of the people in Toronto to let that happen. I live in the west , if we support the fight against terror they will stop terrorizing the sane people of the world. And if Canada made a stand and made examples of the terrorist cells that we find here they won't want to use our country for their evil needs of death and chaos. Thus you can by fertalizer whenever you feel like and don't have to change our style of living to accomodate the fear of terrorism
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
"After all, London has just banned the sale of spray paint and markers to anyone under 18 for fear of graffiti" its been that way for 5 years in massachusetts, united states. its a pity too because i really enjoy spray painting on buildings that are derilict and rotting.. i mean atleast let my artistic nature show on the ugliest pieces of architecture to be found in my town. i mean yes i do misuse the product in a sense, but ive had people compliment my work on message boards.. its not like im tagging street signs with gang names, im throwing up some honest work that is time consuming and to be beautiful.. america can get annoying
josh jahr
Damn It, Now Where Am I Going To Get My Fertilizer?
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
improvise aaron improvise, you can MAKE your OWN fertilizer, don't be a stupid person, you have a BRAIN, USE IT! bye and good luck

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