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My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Friday, May 23, 2003

I don't know what it is lately. Maybe now that the good weather has come the kids are more active, or perhaps it is because this site is more interactive then it was in the past. Regardless of the reason, it seems that lately my site has been overrun by immature dumbasses who have nothing better to do then abuse the forms and forum on this site.

Luckily, almost all the form input is screened by me, and it is easy to clean up the forum. It's still a minor annoyance though, and one I shouldn't have to deal with.

I guess it's not enough for these people that I have worked thousands of hours on this site, and it costs a significant amount of money to keep it running. No, they have to show their appreciation by abusing everything I have set up. It's these little things that on a bad day can edge me a little further to hitting that "STOP" button on the webserver...

Comments From Others

My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Sunday, May 02, 2010
This made me laugh. So my two cents is worth more than two cents now. I watched an interview with the CEO of google. He said, "Intelligence used to be having the ability to memorize things and store that information in the past.But today, intelligence is not how much you know, but being able to find the resolution,an answer or information to solve a problem and learn more to become more knowledgeable. To be able to have the ability to search and find information and disseminate it to fix a problem or attain something important and become productive and constructive is what makes intelligent people more advanced than others." For example, there are people who can memorize so much information yet they have no capacity to use it in an intelligent capacity. Or having a job, where one repairs or fixes 100's of different products,it is impossible to know all about all of the products. What makes one person attain a higher level is to know where to find the answer or information and how to find the information not how much information one knows. Unless that human is a robot or computer storage device, we all can not know everything and must know where to find things to succeed,
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
I think that all these pplz have a horrible attention/memory span.(I have the attention span of a watermelon except when im racing)
i luv aroooon carder
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Monday, November 05, 2007
omg, r u like calling aro0on carder an idiot? ILLLUVVVV ARRROOONNN!!!!! Why dont u lik hm? mi iq is like 4, but i dont care, i love life as long arooon is there!!!
14 year old drunk
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Saturday, June 02, 2007
my iq is 50 got a problem with that?!
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Saturday, March 03, 2007
Ford freak, u dont make any sence at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Editor's notes: Neither do you. Take the minimal effort to at least spell check what you are posting. And one exclamation point is enough.)

Ford Freak
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Friday, March 02, 2007
True knowledge is knowing that you don't know it all.
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Wut the hell do u mean by ironing?

(Editor's notes: It's a joke...Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons...Nevermind...)

My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Saturday, February 10, 2007
God i think the peoplees on this site are total fricken moronic idiots!

(Editor's notes: The ironing is delicious.)

My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Man aron, i totally agree with u! Like, everybody except the guy at the top are total moronic idiots!
squirrel hunter
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Thursday, November 16, 2006
i agree lots of idiots especialy on the 2fast 2furious sucks link which the movie does suck a little with all the rice i think i almost cried when the Mustang SVT Cobra R was crushed. Mustangs and suped up volskwagons and rx7s and ferraris and muscle cars are my favorite the way dont shutdown your site i love it my site is (removed) so sad about your rx7
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
I was thinking, you (Aaron) should do like Google did with Gmail, if you get some time, send out invites, and require your website poster's/users to activate the invite in order to post/comment on the site. Just something to think about.
AMD guy
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Monday, August 22, 2005
yes i think the same there is a lot of dumb ass'es hanging out at your sight your sight is better than ebay
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Thursday, January 06, 2005
i come from england where it is generally cosidered that if you are old enough to own a car ,you are the idiot for playing with fucking spudguns.

(Editor's note: Then there must be a whole lot of idiots out there, many of them engineers and scientists...)

My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Thursday, July 22, 2004
i just love how these arguments tend to switch and run off in their own random path cool site keep up the good work man
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Friday, May 14, 2004
Ben: Only an idiot would think having a high IQ means you can't be an idiot. (I take it on your IQ test there were no questions about commas, apostophes or simple sentence structure.) Unfortunately, intelligence and wisdom are sometimes inversely related. Lots of people who are going to happen upon a high-tech page like this, Aaron, simply don't possess the life skills (yet, hopefully) to avoid the temptation to behave irresponsibly (or, if you prefer, idiotically) just because they can. Yes, the inconsideration of others causes frustration to those with a sense of mission and propriety. It's the same in every endeavour in life, not just maintaining a web page. For what it's worth, you have my gratitude and my sincere admiration for your efforts here. And for every person who takes the time to right, there's 100 who don't, but who nevertheless agree. Hopefully we might offset at least some of the people who can't overcome their meaningless destructive urges. Accepting, even encouraging, diversity and individuality means we have to accept the frustrations that come with it. And diversity has rewards that are far less immediate but also far more enduring than its absence. Without diversity, a community becomes a commune. Without diversity, a culture becomes a cult. Without evil, how would you recognize good? Without idiocy, how would you recognize wisdom? And never underestimate the renewing power of a good rant. ;-)
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Sunday, February 15, 2004
Sorry to hear, I used to have a site but I shut it down when people started messign with my boards too. I came across this site about a year ago when I was searching for amplifier schematics for computer speakers but I didn't actually take the time to look around this site until about last week. I must say this is one of the sweetest sites I've been to. It has inspired me on many projects I can use for my car and on my comp. Keep up the good work. BTW- I am very interested in your mp3 player project. I have a Panasonic deck in my 94 camaro which does not currently play mp3s (Its one of the new ones with the sweet lookign display on the face) and I was thinking about rigging a comp up to it with a dvd drive that can support mp3s and attempting to tap into the deck's cd changer controller. If anyone knows about this let me know. I am also workign on my current xbox project which I posted somewhere in one of the forums...check it out...
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
ok, im guessing that ben is making up that number cause its the first three numbers in a row. Ben, dont bother protesting cause im no intending to go anywhere wih this, im just saying most ppl havent done a proper IQ test.
anyway, "There is no such thing as genius, meerly an island of normalicy in a see of idiotocy", public toilet wall in Fremantle Train Station. I find it funny that the person who wrote it probably thought it was smart despite not noticing the spelling mistakes.
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
I have a three figure IQ too, only problem is that one of the figures is a decimal point and another one of them is a minus sign.

I actually suck the intelligence out of my environment, tho sometimes there's very little there to suck on...

Your site's cool, man! I only recently found the place, try not to pull the big red switch just yet.

My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Thursday, August 21, 2003
WoW.. 125.. like anyone cares
ben bizzard
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Thursday, July 31, 2003
I am not an idiot aaron, hate to say,but an IQ 125 means, generally means imnot an idiot
My Site Is Being Overrun With Idiots
Saturday, May 31, 2003
Aaron … What I have found over these past 70 odd years ….
"It is the Idiots of today that are the Geniuses of tomorrow."
As they say back in Scotland . “We are all Jock Tamsons bairn’s”
Love them all…. without them it would be a dull World.
Cheers Macgregor.

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