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The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Monday, February 24, 2003

I must say that the new version of Hi-Rev Tunerz is a 500% improvement over the old one. The show is actually worth watching now. Looks like the producers were hammered with complaint mail about the old one, and for good reason too. The show absolutely sucked previously. The new makeover basically takes care of almost all the previous flaws.

They have moved the show from a "show" based paradigm to a "shop" based one. This means that instead of just showing us rooms full of riced out Hondas (while moronic hosts struggle with the English language to describe a carbon fiber wing or body kit) they actually to legitimate upgrades on cars in a shop. The gods be praised. While this new format is much better, there is still alot of room for improvement. For example, last week they upgraded the fuel system in a Honda for no apparent reason. It is doubtfull that the extra 10HP generated by the installed full exhaust and cold air intake necessitate installation of larger injectors and an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. This week, they fixed a "botched" air suspension installation in a 3000GT, and for some reason installed a roll cage in a car that will never even come close to a track.

But again, this is a massive improvement. The old hosts have been fired, save for the girl (who really was probably kept there for eye-candy). The "mechanic" host seems to generally know what he's talking about, but the other one is still off ln left-field somewhere.

The new format proves that the producers DO listen to feedback from viewers. Or, they were perhaps aware that EVERY automotive forum on the planet was making fun of the show. Either way, the new version is quite tolerable, and with a few more improvements (spell it "High Rev Tuners" for one) it could turn out quite nicely. A few of these improvements could be:

Maybe I'll email a link to this page to the producers?

Comments From Others

The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Monday, August 22, 2005
chevys are real carslike the chevelle but man do jap cars suck

(Editor's note: Well thought out, presented in an elegant way, full of facts to back up the statement. Yep, an overall perfect comment demonstrating both the intelligence and poise of the one who posted it.)

The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Friday, February 04, 2005
It is somewhat better, although I like the American steel shows,e.g.I love the supra and the z cars, some of these things can be worth watching and yes detail seems to be the biggest problem plaguing this content
arran james
The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Tuesday, December 07, 2004
has anyone heard of a ford rs200 i have i got to drive one on the weekend at a local rally day it was the fastest car in the world at one point its so quick it still holds the record for the fastest 0-60 then back to 0 again in 10 secs thats quick it has the same engine as a nissan skyline (for all u underpriviledged ppl out there a skyline has a inline straight 6 ) its fuckin amazin sounds like one of them nitro remote controlled cars it was well good and guess what they were that fast that the british government banned them from being allowed to drive on normal roads what a stupid idea bye bye aaron cake

(Editor's note: Unfortunately, the engine was stressed so much that engine life was mesured in hours...)

FourG63 98GST
The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Thursday, October 21, 2004
Did the show forget to mention, dont waste your $$$ on an Front mount Intercooler for a honda when you dont even have a Turbo. Lame....

(Editor's note: Well, uh, duh...)

The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Thats why I watch the Speed channel..The Speed channel will show you step by step what they are doing AND they will make the car haul ass too =D Peace
The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Monday, April 05, 2004
I think the show is getting there, i have no complaints about them working on Honda's cause i own one, and im sure that honda's are the majority out there so maybe thats why they use them in their show. But i would love to see some better cars in there, like the 350Z yum yum. Anyway also wondering if you know how to contact the show? or where it is filmed?
The NEW Hi-Rev Tunerz
Monday, January 19, 2004
The show still sucks. Try installing a t3/t4 on a eclipse and drop the honda racer bullshit. oh and if you need ratings for dumb people have models waxing the cars in thongs.

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