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After attending AutoRama in Detroit, most of the local shows just seem so much smaller. Probably of course because they are. But there is something to be said for driving only a few minutes to spend a nice Saturday at the London Speed and Custom Car Show. It's not something I do every year as the date often conflicts with something else, but when I can drop by, I certainly do.

The Snakeskin Green Plymouth Prowler is something I've seen around town a few times. Didn't know it had a Hemi until the show. Been trying to park my Insight beside it for a picture because of the matching paint colours.

I was on the lookout for a few vehicles with air suspensions on account of seeing some examples before I start planning out the air suspension on my Cosmo. AutoRama this year had a distinct lack of obvious air suspensions for some reason. While the London show offered up a fairly good view of an in-progress install on a truck frame, it really didn't apply much to me.

As always, the non-hotrod and non-muscle cars were lumped together in an "import" section which consisted of a local club I've never heard of showing vehicles of, shall we say, questionable taste. I respect the labour that people have put into their cars, but that doesn't mean I can't ask "Why?".

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