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This was the first year I attended the North American International Motorcycle Super Show at the International Center in Toronto. It is probably the last year as well. Not because it was a bad show, but simply because the content of the show wasn't worth the 2 hour drive from London. It was a large show, spanning about 7 halls. However about 75% of the show were vendors selling motorcycle clothing, insurance, lessons, and then the typical unrelated carnival stuff like massage chairs, spices, eye exams, wonder knives, etc. There was also a large showing of local motorcycle clubs from around the province. So most of the show was of little interest, well to me anyway as I'm visiting these shows to see the bikes.

The dealers were there and it was convenient to try a few bikes on for size. Except I can do that locally just as easily as I can at a show.

What I really went for was to see the custom bikes, vintage displays, and race bikes. Wasn't disappointed in those categories. There was a large vintage display, about equivalent to what used to be shown at our local show, the Word Of Motorcycles Expo (now defunct as the venue raised prices to the point the show could no longer afford to take place). Always hoping to see a Honda CX500 turbo but always disappointed. Perhaps a sore spot for me as I stupidly passed up the opportunity to pay almost nothing for one a few years ago.

Getting a close up look at the sidecar racers was an opportunity I have not had before. I'm sure most would agree, those people are a little touched in the head to hang off the side of a bike at 100+ MPH. But that makes them no less awesome.

There was a good selection of customs of all types. I'm not sure I can point out a favourite other than saying I'm not a fan of the big raked out chopper, liking a more compact stealthy bobber in flat black or a tastefully modified sport bike. Also a large fan of copper which seems to be gaining popularity these days. There were supposed to be live builds happening but I didn't see anything being assembled. Instead on stage was someone called "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and a colony of models beside the stage.

So overall a decent show If it wasn't for the long drive, difficult parking, very slow ticketing and entry process, and an excess of unrelated vendors. Perhaps I'll attend every few years as it seems to be the only motorcycle show in the area these days.

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