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The North American International Auto Show for 2010 was all about "green", so much so that they switched to "blue". If you were there, you know what I mean. It was a great show overall with a large area called "Electric Avenue" dedicated to electric vehicles. Mixed in were various EVs from several manufacturers (such as the Nissan Leaf), prototypes and contenders for the Progressive Automotive XPRIZE.

Honda displayed the new 2010 CR-Z, which honestly, I found rather disappointing. I was hoping for a real sports hybrid, but instead, what we got is a "sporty" hybrid. Mazda's booth was also disappointing, the only rotary content being the shell of an RX-8 race car.

It was great being able to see the awesome Lexus LFA both fully assembled and as a drivetrain mockup.

Would anyone car to lend me a little money for a Mercedes SLS-AMG?

And if you have looked at my auto show comments from previous years, you know what I will say next about the current version of the Chevy Volt: yawn.

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