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The 2007 North American International Auto Show was both interesting and shocking to me for one major reason: GM released a very nice concept hybrid. Called the Volt, it was the first plug-in hybrid to be released by any major manufacturer that I know of. For the first time I can remember, GM actually innovated something useful! In this world of useless hydrogen runaround it was nice to have a decent concept hybrid that shows real promise. However typical GM did muddy the waters some by insisting on referring to this series hybrid as an electric car. Interesting, considering that when I started to enquire about the EV1 the spokesmodels got very quiet and walked away.

Aside from the Chevy Volt, I also found the Toyota FT-HS hybrid sports concept interesting if not entirely pleasing to the eye. Lexus brought their LF-A, which I swear I've seen twice before at the show (and probably have pictures of as well). It also seems that Acura thinks they have invented the twin-scroll turbocharger system. They so proudly displayed their setup as if Mazda didn't already develop it 20 years ago for the 2nd Gen RX-7. I was disappointed by Mazda in that they had virtually no rotary at all, not even the Renesis model the normally show. Come on Mazda, get back to your roots!

One sad note is that Honda did not show the Insight. As was rumored, 2006 was the last model year and thus they saw no need to bring one to the show. Even the Honda website has removed most of the Insight content.

Hm, the more I write about this show, the more depressed I get. So on with the pictures...

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