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After missing the World Of Motorcycles Expo locally last year, it was nice to attend it within a 5 minute drive in London again. Doubly so because the day previous, I had just arrived back from a week long wedding (not mine!) vacation in Jamaica.

While the show was enjoyable, vendors keep creeping in which means fewer displays of the stuff I go to see: custom bikes. I fear that if it continues, I'll just stop attending the show as there won't be enough for me.

Of particular interest to me was the local Zero Motorcycle dealer display. See, I've wanted a bike for years but the thought of yet another vehicle to maintain, especially for something driven only occasionally, is one of the factors keeping me away. The Zero seems to be the solution so it was nice to be able to sit on a Zero S, check the fit, balance, etc. The ZF9 seems like an ideal bike for me, so perhaps once most of my existing projects are done, I'll finally pull the trigger (or in this case, write the cheque).

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