2010 EV Society Of Canada eShow and Shine

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I was invited to bring my 2000 Honda Insight to the EV Society Of Canada, held April 10th at Scarborough Toyota. Along with the Insight, I brought along my 48V Custom Aluminum Scooter. It was a small show, held inside the dealership but it brought out some interesting vehicles both production and custom. Among them were converted EVs, both in process and completed. There were a few OEM EVs such as a rare surviving factory Ford Ranger EV. In addition, multiple modified Prius's (note: the proper plural of "Prius" is "Priora") featured upgraded battery packs and full EV mode additions from companies like Hymotion.

The only Insight in the show was mine and it is nice to know that it still generates the same kind attention it did 10 years ago. While attendance from the public was small, those who did attend were quite interested in what they saw.

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