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I could not attend the show in 2013 as it conflicted with another event. When EV Fest 2014 rolled around I knew I would not miss it. With so many changes in the EV landscape in only one year, and being eager to show off my 2000 Insight newly painted snakeskin green, I would not miss the show.

EV Fest is put on by the EV Society Of Canada, typically once a year. This year our venue was a bit off of the beaten path in Hamilton but attendance was still strong. This year was such a striking difference from past years in that most of the vehicles shown were OEM EVs. I believe there were only two conversions in a sea of Teslas, Leafs, BMW, Volt and other OEMs. Amazing considering that only a few years ago, if you wanted an EV, you had to build one.

I spent most of the day talking to curious people about the Insight. Many of them amazed that it is now a 14 year old car. Honestly it was a hell of an effort to get it there because just a day before I received it back from the body shop after hood damage (due to a customer's wife backing into the freshly painted car...she "didn't see it"...because apparently a glowing green Insight is difficult to spot...) was repaired, necessitating a repaint of the hood and blending of the surrounding panels. It was then a mad dash for me to polish the headlights, wash the car and clean the interior so it would be show ready the next day.

And yes! I was delighted to be able to talk to that one crazy there always seems to be at a show like this. He was great. Anti government, anti oil, anti corporation, anti nuclear...well, basically I mentioned something and he was against it. Not because of those crazy facts of course, but because of self-supported baseless opinion. Maybe they always find me because of the long hair?

Interestingly a few days after the event I received an email from my Aunt who asked me "Is this your car?". Referring to an article at Driving.ca entitled Motor Mouth: What’s wrong with this picture?. Indeed, that's my Insight, scooter and me front and slightly off center. While the article makes some good points (oddly comparing EV promotion to the Pride movement) I recognize from the position of the vehicles that the author was taking his pictures around 11AM - Noon, shortly after the show started. It is no surprise then that attendance between 11 and noon on a Sunday was a little slow. Things picked up later on.

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