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I didn't know when attending the 2020 Canadian International Auto Show that not only would it be the only auto show this season, but that I was also taking my life into my hands being in a large crowd of people. Because for those who might be reading this 200 years into the future, during late 2019 the world experienced the rapidly spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus which caused the disease COVID-19. This put the population into isolation and shut down all events into mid 2020 to prevent the virus spread. Anyone reading this around 2020 is thinking "duh". It was late March that the Canadian emergency measures were put in place. Coincidentally, 2020 was also the first year that the North American International Auto Show was to take place in June. This did not happen, as COVID-19 ran rampant through the US due to limited government support of testing, isolation, personal protective equipment, lack of acceptance of scientific evidence and partisan bickering. As I write this late summer of 2020, the US is still being ravaged by the virus with an ever increasing daily death count. So the Canadian show was just able to squeak in before all the shutdowns

I had no idea the Corvette C8 is mid engined! When I texted a friend during the show, his reply was "Have you been living under a rock?". Apparently so because when I took a look at the C8, I was rather surprised to find the engine in the back. Well holy crap, that's cool. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a close look at the mounting arrangement, engine access space, engine bay, etc.

It was nice of Honda to remember the Insight existed on their time line of achievements. By which I mean the real Insight, not those steel bodied 4 door impostors.

Funny that in a show where one is surrounded by vehicles of every type, quite literally billions of dollars worth, the highlight for me was a Subaru Brat. Perhaps because I've always had the sick vision of swapping a 13B rotary into one for the perfect winter vehicle (the rotary powered heater is spectacular).

Really, Ford? The Mustang Mach-E? If you want to build an electric Mustang then by all means do it! You want to build an SUV and call it a "Mustang"? That's just stupid regardless of the powertrain.

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