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The 2019 Canadian International Auto Show was the first time in my life I actually felt the reflected light from a Jaguar XJ220 on my retinas. I don't get very excited about supercars much anymore, however the XJ220 has always been one of my favourites so to finally see one was definitely the highlight of the show. Nice as well to stumble upon a DMC-12 prominently displayed at the "Hall Of Exotics" entrance. Having been a bit out of the DeLorean loop for the last few years I didn't know that there was a new local DeLorean shop, Wells DeLorean.

The rest of the show was much the same as Detroit. But like always, easier to view in Toronto because the show is far more spread out than the crowded COBO center.

Seems like signs should be spell checked a bit more thoroughly. BATTER ELECTRIC VEHICLE (BEV) CHARGING?

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