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First I must apologize for the quality of the pictures. Once I entered the show I reached for my camera and grabbed only a handfull of my own ass where my camera normally is. I had forgot it in the car, and call me lazy, I didn't feel like walking the 6 blocks back to the car on the coldest day of the year. So I used the camera I always have with me, my BlackBerry 9530. Cell phone cameras suck yet at this show I was one of those people using one instead of a proper camera.

This year the 2012 Canadian International Auto Show had a few features not typically seen in Detroit. Two of my favourites are the "Hall Of Exotics" and the GM engine build.

GM has been live-building an engine for a few years at the Canadian show and while the actual engine build doesn't interest me very much (I've seen enough V8s assembled to be rather bored of it) the comments of the crowd watching offers much entertainment. I just love how people can speak so authoritatively on a subject they know nothing about! And there's always one crazy guy, who rambles on and on about all the GMs he's owned to the presenter, well past the point of anyone's interest.

Over in the Hall Of Exotics, I saw my first Ferarri F40 ever in real life. There's really nothing more I need to say about that.

As the crowd is a lot thinner in Toronto as compared to Detroit I was easily able to get the detailed look of the new Corvette that a show attendee in Detroit could only dream of. The more I see of the car, the more I like it. I'm imagining how good the thing would look in the same beautiful metallic crimson and black 5 spoke wheels my RX-7 is adorned with. Wouldn't be as fast as the RX-7 though...

As an aside, after the show I walked a short distance though Toronto's PATH network to the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant for dinner. If you're ever in Toronto and like pasta, that's where you need to eat. Portions are kind of small, but the price is right and the food is awesome.

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