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Shelby was the featured marque at the 2010 Canadian International Auto Show, but for someone who was not alive when he was racing, this doesn't mean much so we'll just skip it.

The CIAS as always allowed a much closer look of some of the vehicles shown in Detroit, due to the more spread out displays and fewer people. As has been common the last few years, the major theme was "green" and there was an abundance of pure electric vehicles. It's nice to see this finally take the mainstream instead of hydrogen and other pie-in-the-sky technologies.

Of particular interest to me was a twin turbo Cadillac CTS-V, owned by a celebrity of a name I can't remember. Such a vehicle is not something you see every day, it was just too bad there wasn't anyone around to answer questions about it.

Canada now has its own supercar manufacturer; HTT Technologies. They were displaying their 750 horsepower PLETHORE to an impressed crowd.

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