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I think it is safe to say that like the North American International Auto Show, the theme of the 2009 Canadian International Auto Show was one of more alternative "green" fuels. Every major manufacturer, and several minor ones, had some kind of battery EV or strong hybrid to show. It was a refreshing change. Though a few still stuck with doomed hydrogen (Ford and Honda, are you listening?) most were showing EVs instead.

What is nice about the CIAS compared to the NAIAS is that often you can get closer to the cars. While at the NAIAS they are up on a pedestal or part of some roped off display, at CIAS you can often poke at, touch and sit in the same models. Thus, I was eager to get my first close up look at the new Honda Insight. I've already ranted about how the new "Insight" is not a real Insight, so I'll leave that alone and just say that Honda has succeeded in creating a good car. Not a great car, but not a mediocre car either. They've built a solid platform that will probably sell quite well.

Overall I enjoyed the show even though there weren't very many new introductions. Normally I end up in a few deep conversations with a few exhibitors about some random automotive topic yet oddly this year I believe the closest I came was a few questions I asked about the Volt. Does that mean the show as boring? No, not really. But it may have been considered "run of the mill" if not for all the EV stuff.

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