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The 2007 Canadian International Auto Show was much like previous years, but had a few points of interest so I was quite glad that I brought my camera this time. The One Tonne Challenge (basically a Canadian government project to try and make everyone reduce their CO2 output by one tonne) booth contained a great rolling demo of the Toyota Prius drivetrain, as well as a Smart car that had been sent through a crash test. Everyone who knows me also knows that I'm not a big fan of the Smart, but even I got tired of hearing the ignorant (and unfounded) comments on how unsafe the design was when the evidence to the contrary was clearly in front of people's faces.

The GM booth was an aggravating as always, with posters and displays pimping out the EV1 while ignoring the real truth. Also on display was a horrid green creation that I thinks started as a Pontiac Solstice. While I can certainly appreciate the fabrication and effort that went into it, the result was more for the video game generation then those of us with taste.

As always, the Formula SAE cars were a point of interest. I always have the greatest conversations with the builders, designers and racers of those little cars and try to come up with unique questions.

I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures, but a local Harley Davidson dealer was there with a selection of Buells and I was very impressed with the Buel Lightening. The style, engineering and total package got to me, so now I have to buy a bike.

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