2004 Canadian International Auto Show Pictures

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The Canadian International Auto Show takes place every year in Toronto at the Skydome/Rogers center. It's a great show that can be sort of described as a "mini Detroit" as all the major manufacturers are represented but there are few concept car displays and the crowds are spread out much more thinly. I try to attend every year but I rarely bring my camera and almost always go alone. Sometimes its nice to visit these shows alone since it means that I'm free to see what I want, linger around what is most interesting and have time to spend talking to some of the dealers about their products.

This time I went with a group of Ontario Honda Insight owners. We spent a few hours at the show discussing all things automotive (with most of the emphasis on hybrids and the new Toyota Prius that made it's debut) then went for an early dinner at East Side Marios right down the street.

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