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2017 was an interesting AutoRama for me because who should I run into but none other than Dan Woods of Chop Cut Rebuild! CCR has long been my favourite car show and indeed, the show which actually inspired me to turn my '76 Mazda Cosmo restomodding into a video series. Yet sadly the show seems to air no longer in Canada. I expressed my disappointment to Mr. Woods and he must have taken pity upon me as he signed a MAVTV (not available in Canada!) CCR license plate to me, which now proudly hangs in my shop. We had a pleasant conversation about CCR, all the way back to the first season. Anyone else remember the shop who bit off way more than they could chew, ultimately resulting in only a shiny frame being shown off in the final episode? Naturally I dropped a few hints to Dan that he should check out my YouTube channel. Perhaps I can dream about hearing "This is Chop, Cut, Rebuild...With your hosts Dan Woods and Aaron Cake".

It was not so long after that I noticed a crowd gathering while I was taking pictures of the Split Ray Corvette. Looking up, they were gathering to meet Dave Kindig of Kindigit Designs and TV show Bitchin' Rides. Now I recall Dave saying on the show he wasn't going to attend AutoRama unless he was ready to win a Riddler, so perhaps he was just scouting the possible competition. As I was walking by again over an hour later he was still in the same spot, signing autographs and taking pictures. Good on him, however to be honest it looked like he just wanted to enjoy the show so I elected not to offer to sign anything for him (right...) and take more of his time.

The sleek, low slung modernized Cadillac really caught my eye and I don't even mind the grey paint. But consider how it would look in a dark metallic blue or deep brandy wine. However inexcusable is that carburetor! Come on, if you are going to build such an awesome Caddy, what's wrong with an LSA? Or anything with fuel injection.

What is that? An electric vehicle at AutoRama? Awesome! The '67 Avenger GT electric was sort of a surprise to see. I can't remember seeing another EV at AutoRama in the past. While speaking to the owner, reception of the Avenger amid a sea of petrol guzzlers was positive. The car is still a work in progress and soon to receive a battery upgrade.

One of the things I was paying close attention to were the various ways in which bumpers were smoothed, tucked and shaved. Trying to find that perfect balance between a close fit and practicality.

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