Detroit AutoRama 2007 Pictures

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This year's Detroit AutoRama was every bit as good as last year. On display was everything from choppers to drag boats to classic hotrods. As I arrived a little late due to traffic and parking issues, I had to rush around a little in order to see everything. That did not make it any less enjoyable and as always I had a thoroughly good time. This year I noticed a resurgence in flat paint jobs and dark colours, unlike the brightness of last year. It's nice to things done subtly and with style instead of with colours designed to shock and pull your eye. A few of my favourites were the "Reactor" green Mustang (and I'm not much of a Mustang fan in general), the "Skeleton" bike (who's actual name I forget) and the monster-turbo Mopar salt-flats car (I can't tell what kind of car it actually started life as, but whatever it ended up as it has a 1.44 hotside!).

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