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AirShow London 2016 was the first time London had hosted an air show for, well, about 16 years. It was right around 2001 that the London air show ceased operation due to insurance and security reasons. It looks like it will now be a yearly event. Unfortunately this first resurrection year was rained out Saturday, meaning a large crowd Sunday.

In some ways it was a repeat of the Great Lakes International Air Show. Snowbirds, CF-18 demonstrations, Redbull. But the much larger London International Airport offered plenty more space for static ground displays. Such as the ridiculous (I say that with affection) B1 Bomber.

Aerial displays flew all day. Very impressive was the F-22 Raptor. Pulling maneuvers which didn't seem possible at both insanely low and high speeds. Considering we were probably only treated to 10% its capability, a very impressive sight indeed. Sadly I didn't have the camera ready when the pilot made a low speed pass facing the crowd with the weapons bay doors open.

I'm more about the static ground based displays anyway than staring up into the sky for a few hours. Just unfortunate that due to the rain the previous day, the infield was basically a mud pit.

Incidentally as I was walking back to my car a black Lamborghini Diablo pulled into the airpor fuel station. Neat.

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