Where To Get Parts

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Where To Get Parts

When building electronic projects, the hardest thing can somethimes be finding parts. This is especially true if you live in a small town with no speciality electronics stores. Sometimes there is a local surplus shop, but they might not have what you need, and their inventory comes and goes, or mabe guidance systems from Sidewinder missiles are not what you are looking for......

Anyway, now it's time to use the old postal system. To help keep you from making a bad choice and buying some bad murchandice from a dealer that won't back it up, or fess up to their mistakes, I have composed a list of some of the dealers I have had a good expirience with. If they have a Web site, there is also a link to that site.

The Electronic Goldmine
The Electronic Goldmine: PO Box 5408, Scottsdale AZ, 85261. Phone: 1-800-445-0697

The Electronic Goldmine is by far the best company I have dealt with. They are helpful, well stocked and the prices are great. They carry the Yellow Inverter Transformer (part # G993) and Filtered Blacklight Tube (part # G3008) used in the Black Light on the Circuits page. Regular catalog.

All Electronics Corp
All Electronics Corp.: PO Box 567, Van Nuys CA, 91408-0567. Phone: 1-800-826-5432

All Electronics Corp is well stocked with new and surplus electronics. their prices are usually reasonable, except on some items. They stock all the standard parts and a few not so standard parts. Regular catalog.

Fair Radio Sales
Fair Radio Sales: PO Box 1105, Lima Ohio, 1016 E. Eureka St., 45802. Phone: 1-419-223-2196

Fair Radio Sales deals mostly with government and civil radio surplus. They have a selection of tubes and other goodies. They are a great place to find high voltage capacitors for Tesla Coils, etc. Reasonable prices. Regular catalog.

Jameco Electronics
Jameco Electronics: 1355 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA, 94002-4100. Phone: 1-800-831-4242

Jameco Electronics has a large selection of parts and kits. This is one place to purchase the 8 8 bit ISA prototyping board used in the Computerize Your Room/House project. They also have a wide selection of computer parts and ICs. Free catalog.

MWK Industries
MWK Industries: 1269 W. Pomona, Corona, California 91720. Phone: 1-800-356-7714

MWK Industries is a great place to find laser and optical equipment of all types. You'll find laser tubes, heads, argon, ruby, CO2, semiconductor and even copper vapor lasers in their great, free catalog. They also have a wide selection of plans and books on building and using lasers.

Newark Electronics
(See http://www.newark.com/locate.htm for addresses)

I have been told that Newark is a great source of any sort of parts, and by looking at their online catalog I have to agree. They have their entire catalog available on their site, complete with a very powerful search feature. You can search and cross reference parts from any manufacturer. Of course, ordering their 2000 page catalog through the mail could get a little expensive...

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