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There are a lot of good propellants out there, but also a lot of bad ones. The amount of distance you get from your spud gun can be dependent on a number of factors. One of the most important factors is the propellant used. Below is a listing of different propellants along with their advantages and disadvantages. Most of these have been submitted from spudgunners around the world. If you know of something that is not on the list, then just scroll down and add it.

Propellant Advantages/Disadvantages
Arrid XXX Deodorant Fairly good combustion, cheap, loud bang, lots of shots per can.
There are things that burn better, leaves a white deposit, can be annoying to ignite.
Butane Burns very clean, burns fast, cheap, powerful.
Cold gas on hot pipe may crack it, annoying to load.
Ether for Diesel Engines Use some from tractor supply, as it has higher ether content. Mixes well with gasoline. Burns great!
Evaporates quickly, not very safe to breathe, but hey, what is safe to breathe these days?
White Gas Loud Bang, Burns very clean, cheap, slightly more powerful than Aqua Net
Volatile, easy to flood gun, must be atomized for introduction into the gun
Aqua Net hair spray Cheap, powerful, noisy, 2-3seconds spray. Safe (ya right)
May gum up inside of gun, releases nasty gases when burnt, stinks
Hydrogen Most powerful fuel there is. Can be made by electrifying water. Cheap, non-toxic, clean.
Takes a long time to make. Hard to collect during electrolysis.
Acetylene Big bang, really easy to make. Just put a bit of water in the Chamber and chuck in some calcium carbide. Wait a minute or so and ignite!
Slightly poisonous. Leaves soot.
Propane Loud bang, burns clean, very strong, cheap
Don't trust it in ABS guns. My ABS gun exploded using propane.
Mapp Gas Powerful, loud, doesn't take much to fire
Expensive, leaves carbon deposits
White Rain Hairspray (in can) Cheap, lots of shots per can, not very noisy
Gums up inside, smells BAD
Gas Easy to find, cheap, powerful, loud
Must be vaporized to work properly, very dangerous
Starting Fluid (for cars) Cheap and easy to use
Easy to put too much in gun
Mixture: Aqua Net & Carb. Cleaner Very powerful, many shots per can(s), cheap (depends on where you buy it).
Depending on the brand of carb. cleaner, they may not mix well, or even ignite.
White Rain "Mega Hold" Hair Spray Very powerful, not to loud for people that live in neighborhoods, smells good
May gum up the combustion chamber
Nitromethane Highly flammable and easily avaiable from hobby shop
Must make a mist spraying unit and a backflow valve
Lysol Deoderizer Fairly cheap, loud bang, won't gum up combustion chamber.
Not as powerful as other fuels
WD-40 Fireball, better distance than hairspray
Easy to use too much
Chewing Gum Remover Very amazing stuff. Loud boom. Launches stuff far.
Same dangers as pure propane.
Right Guard Has absolutely no water
Be careful. the less you use, the MORE powerful it is
Shoe Polish Easy to use, not too dangerous
Spray Paint 2-3 second squirt, loud bang, launches farther than hair spray, lots of shots per can
Paints gun
Race Car Fuel and Propane Not too dangerous. VERY powerful. I've launched spuds more than 1000 feet.
Very, very Powerful. Best if you have a gun made from steel.
Suave Hair Spray Very powerful and loud. Fire comes out of barrel.
Gums up compustion chamber and smells really bad.
Aquanet Mega-Hold Little residue, So powerfull it fried my cleanout cap
Aquanet? Disadvantages? Yeah right
Isopropelene Alcohol (Rubbing) Very cheap, Easy to find, Powerful, REALLY COOL loking flame, no smell or residue
Must be Atomised, Since it has water in it gun must be drained occasionly
LYNX: Java / Africa Burns great, contains hydrocarbons and alcohol, won't gum up your gun
Expensive, smells strange if you use it for a long time.
Fertilizer soaked in gas Very powerful, easy to load, clean
Dusty, really loud
Denatured Alcohol Powerful, put it in a spray bottle or mist, smells good
Has to be hot out so there are fumes
Tough Actin' Tinactin Little residue, neat flames, cheap, only use a little
Easy to flood, stinky
Nitrous Oxide and White Rain Maximum Hold Hairspray Very powerfull, small amount of n20 injected into chamber after hairspray makes hairspray burn completely. maybe used in combination with other fuels to make them burn better. Must be used with another fuel as nitrous oxide will not burn by itself.
Sea Mist Cologn Much more powerful than any Hair Spray. Burns clean and quickly. Smells good too. Also it is in a presurized bottle, like hair spray.
Very expensive. (15 dollars for a 2.3 fl. oz. bottle.)
A Regular Propellent + 100% Oxygen The oxygen will make any thing burn at about five times it normally does
You have to be crazy to do it. You will probally need an metal gun
Model Airplane Fuel Very powerful, very loud, no smell, burns clean
Needs to be atomized, expensive, floods gun easily
Nail Polish Remover Powerful, and easy to get
Smells bad, expensive
Old Spice Flammable and gooey, make sure it's not the anti-persperant.
You get it all over your hands and it's made to be water proof.
Vodka Exrtreemly powerfull, smells good
Hard to find if not proper age
Naphtha Easy to find, powerful, no residue, no need to atomize
Low flash point, dangerous, bad to breathe, expensive, occasional need to remove water.
Hexane Very Powerful, Low Residue, fairly cheap
Hard to find, Dangerous, Toxic, may need to be vaporized to work well.
Redi-Whip (contains NO2) When used in combination with other fuels, increases the power dramatically. Extremely powerful when combined with gas.
Messes up the chamber. Can only be used with other fuels. Dangerous and loud.
Carpet Cleaner Cleans out the barrel.
Some of it comes out foamy, and lots are hand pump. Cheap shots, powerful...
Stanly Steamer Aerseol "Cleaner" VERY loud bang, shoots extremly far, creates fireball
Very dangerous, very expensive, blows up PVC quickly if it is not 80- diam or above
Methyacetelyene and Oxygen Extreamly powerful, mostly clean, easy to regulate, easy and fast loading, complete combustion
Sort of dangerous, must buy torch regulator to use
Design Spirits Hair Spray Won't flood gun , more distance than Aqua Net, doesn't smell, easy to use, ignites on the first try every time, good fire ball, cheap.
Gets sticky and it gets hard to unscrew the cap.
Astrodiethelene Quiet,safe, powerful, and it leaves no residue
VERY expensive
Denatured Alcohol Cheap, easy to find, burns clean and powerful. Use in a spray bottle (Set for mist). 2 to 4 squirts.
Flame not as visible.
Silicone Spray Poworeful, won't gum up firering chamber
Smells bad
Gas Line Antifreez Loud bang, shoots far.
You have to spray in chamber by bottle
Gasoline atomized /w butane airbrush Power, components easy to find
Dangerous, airbrush propellant must be butane
Aqua Net and Charcoal Starter Very effective
Kind of dangerous if you use too much charcoal starter
HOT SHOT roach and ant killer Very powerful, smells like flowsers
Harmful if inhaled
Charccoal Lighter Fluid Cheap, semi powerfull, a lot of shots per container, doesnt take mutch to shoot, easy to find
Don't use too much in an ABS or PVC spud gun! Smells after about three shots
Ronsonol Lighter Fuel Powerful, does not gum up inside, inexpensive, easy to find
Must be vaporized, a little odor
Blitz Gem And Jewelry Cleaner Powerful loud, makes fire
Very expensive and hard to load
Pure Acetelyne Extremely loud, about twice as powerful as Aqua-Net, burns fairly clean, works well with paper wad and gravel load, cheap, easy to get
Easy to use too much. If you do, everything gets furry from the ash.
Compressed Air With the right pressure valve it's better than any flammable liquid. Very cheap.
It takes about a minute to fill up with an air compressor.
RP7 Nice sounding bang, good distance, easy to get the right amount. Works well with PVC.
A bit expensive, does not evaporate easily.
Carberator Cleaner Powerful as hell, big fire ball.
May irritate hands if spilled.
Calcium Carbide Lot's of power, no residue. Mix with water in the gun.
Hard to find
Gasahol (50% gas, 50% denatured alcohol) High power, loud bang, cheap and non fouling. Not as dangerous as straight gasoline.Cool bright blue fireball visible in daylight. Little goes a long way (1 spray for my 2 foot long chamber).
Must be atomized, fumes might make you sick, might attack PVC.
Methyl Hydrate Cheap, get it at hardware store, flame-less.
Floods easily, must be atomized.
Aceteline and Oxygen Really powerfull, huge flame all around, safe with the right equipment and experiance.
If gun is not made of metal it will first deafen you for life then blow up your gun and then take your head off. It will notify anyone of your presence within 2 miles.
3M #77 Spray Adhesive Loud, REALLY powerful, Cheap, Huge fireball
Need strong gun (contains ether), gunks up barrel, need to spray a lot to work.
Acetone Dirt cheap (about eight dollars for a gallon), powerful. Virtually no residue. About 10 ml. can get you 4 to 5 shots.
It's a solvent so you have to periodically check your chamber, ( I check mine about once a month) to make sure it's not damaging it.
Jet Fuel Extremly powerful if someone you know works at an airport
Do not use in anything less than steel or iron. It doesn't stay well stored use imediatly or it is useless.
PVC cement Really launches potatoes, loud bang, you already have a can left over from biulding you gun.
Smells bad!, leaves some serious gunk in you barrel, never stops letting off fumes, fireball, sometimes it stays on fire instead of going out, can soften gun.
Lysol Spray Leaves you gun smelling fresh, OK power (not as good as propane), no gunk.
If it gets your ignitor wet it won't fire, lots of misfires
RAID, WD-40, and Ispropyl Alcohol mixed Cheap, burns efficiently, doesn't gum up
You need a good ignition system
Calvin Klein perfume Good for the very small guns
Doesn't work for big ones, expensive
Naptha Gas and Petrol Burns clean and has lots of power
Sort of dangerous and has to be atomized
Willow Lake Hair Spray Shoots farther than most hairsprays and has alcohol, propane, and butane as the three main ingredients. It also a one of a kind warning "Do not smoke until hair is completely dry". Also very common in most stores.
Not many that I noticed.
Aussie Hair Spray Fairly powerful, loud, decent flame, and most important, very cheap.
Like most hair sprays it will gum up your chamber, threads, and ignitor.
Chlorine and Break Fluid Very powerfull, big fire ball, excellant distance.
Very gunkey, EXTREMELY dangerous, chlorine is very toxic (remember mustard gas?)
Shellite Cheap, easy to obtain (supermarket and camping stores), not smelly, good for cleaning up epoxy glue when you make your gun
Need a pump sprayer, you need to blow through your gun to get oxygen back in there between firings
K&N Filter Charger Works good almost as good as propane.
Will make the barrel sticky and wet.
Aqua-Net Hair Spray In A Balloon First put a nail in your end cap to pop the balloon. Then fill the balloon with aquanet hair spray. Place in the chamber then when you screw on your end cap it pops the balloon leave you with a lot more gas because none escapes.
Have to put a nail in your endcap (a small screw will also work, and probably form a better seal).
Car Battery Protector Spray Real good power (contains propane and isobutane). Comes in spray can. Cheap- about $2 at auto zone.
Leaves red gunk in your gun. Easy to flood gun. Fumes are harmful.
MAPP/Oxygen/Propane LOUD! Launches potato very long distance.
For experts only. Explosion risk. USE WITH CARE!!!
Krown Rust Proofing Oil Works very well. Not too loud. Resonable flame. Shoots propellant hard enough to dent cement.
Gums up the inside. Makes it quite messy.
"Geri Redding" Glossing Mist The best fuel ever. It shot my spud over 1000 feet. Smells great, really loud bang, no build-up.
Hard to find, expensive about, gets only about a dozen or so rounds off.
AquaNet + Gasoline Adds that extra kick to AquaNet. Loud. Nice Muzzle Flash. Burns Clean.
DANGEROUS! Extremely flammable. Adds a bit of a kickback. Easy to add too much. Could blow your chamber if you added way too much and it ignited.
Secret Aersol Deodorant Cheap, works better than hair spray, smells great, nice sound, nice atomization, dense fog.
Leaves residue in barrel.
Ethonal Gas Makes spuds go far, loud bang
May explode in face
Acrylic Sealer Very powerful and funny
May blow gun apart
Hydrogen/Oxygen Injected Very Strong, triggers instantly when the two combine with a spark. Will send a projectile 5000+ feet if it is correctly sized.
Very dangerous! Need metal spudgun, need to create a valve system to keep them seperate. Make a stand and remote ignition system if you are brave enough to try it. Too much will blow a potato into a million pieces, use a tennis ball or rubber ball.
Rave Hair Spray Strong
Very hard and stiff, doesn't wash out easily
Camp Fuel Burns clean, cheap
Not that powerful
Rubber Cement It works for 4-5 shots if you used enough
It is sticky and sometimes keeps burning after the potato is shot
WD-40 in a balloon Shoots far, more gas won't flood gun, need only 10 seconds of spray
Easy to use too much, must use a screw in it to pop the balloon
The Human Arm VERY CHEAP, easy to use, can be found on the human shoulder. Very safe.
Not very powerfull, your arm will get tired after very many launches.
Primus Isobutane Cartridges It is a mix of isobutane and butane so it is really powerful and very inexpensive. You can buy it at any outdoors or camping store.
Hard to find a way to get it in the chamber unless you buy the hookup for it.
Tradeco Carburator Cleaner Lots of shots per can. Impressive reddish yellow flame. Seems powerful.
Leaves a slightly sticky residue.
Oxygen + Static guard Big bang. Get the oxygen by mixing hydrogen peroxide, and yeast. Wear ear plugs.
Be careful.
Raid Bug Spray Packs explosive power of Right Guard (my favourite).
Note: Won't ignite by itself. You need to put about 4 seconds worth of this stuff in there plus about 2.5 seconds worth of spray paint or hairspray to start the combustion process.
Paint Thiner OK power, easy to load
Bad smell
Endust Cleaner Easy to find, pretty powerful, leaves chamber smelling good
Leaves white film after a while
Black powder Very powerfull
Depending on the powder, it can produce soot. Must be nested within electrodes. Awkard in filling.
Lighter Fuel Easy to get, wont gunk up barrel, loud bang, shoots far.
Expensive, dangerous if to much is used.
Testors Gloss Paint Spray More powerful than hairspray.
Bring paint thinner with you unless you want your barrel to change colors daily.
Binaca (R) Mouth freshener cheap;works great;not loud;won't gunk barrel;smells "Minty Fresh" ;-)
not many shots per container
Elektro Glis Very powerfull, big fire ball, excellant distance.
Be careful.
Butane + Starter Fuel Starter Fuel and Butane, together supply a very large controled explosion in the chamber of PVC and ABS spudguns. Much more distance than hairspray.
Easy to use too much of both, Starter Fuel could gum up inside chamber
Dry Ice + Water Cheap and many shots off of one chunk
Its cold and you have to design a gun for it
Metalic Sodium + Water No need for igniter, shoots really far if you can still see afterwards.
Need balloon filled with water with screw in end cap, when bollon pops water fills chamber and causes dagerous reaction with metalic sodium.
Naptalene Fumes It is extremely powerful, deafening boom, cool yellow-red mushroom coloured flame.
Leaves soot, horrible smell, difficult to produce, unpredictable blast strength (easy to overdo).
Gasoline/ WD-40/Ether Shoots spuds 300yds +. Leaves really cool white smoke. Lots of flames. Good fun. Easy to obtain.
Smells like crap when fired. Makes your chamber smell funny. Hard to get the right amount.
Laquer Thinner Cheap 5 gallons for about $20 at any autobody jobber store. Big bang, shoots very far.
Carbons up gun.
Cinnamon Glade Nice odor no residue
None known yet
Pam Cooking Spray Quiet, powerfull, lubes barrel
Smells horrible, serious gunkage of chamber
Pledge Clean And Dust Loud bang and extremly extremly powerful
Needs a igniter with a lot of spark. A lantern igniter works the best
Cheap Hydrogen Fast and Far. Mix Hydrogen peroxide and active dry yeast. There is your Hydrogen.
R/C Car Motor Spray Easy to find in any hobby shop, very powerfull, may be more powerfull then propane. Very, very loud. Used 5 gal. culligan bottle as a combustion chamber and 8 feet of PVC pipe as a barell. Clean burning, evaporates very quickly. easy to get right amount.
$5 a can. Don't get potato jammed! Need to have a good airfuel mix if your using a static lighter. Use a air matress pump to air it out each time.
Keroseen Very powerful shot, lots of kick and cleans and lubes barrel.
None to think of, may be smart to add a tad to little before going nuts with the stuff, must be atomized.
Methane (Natural Gas) Works great . Burns very cleanly. Easy to obtain if you have a gas stove. Turn on the stove and blow the fire out so that only gas flows out. Collect the gas in your gun and fire.
Sometimes hard to load. For best results, you may need to place the gun over the burner to collect the gas
Lithium Lubricant Shoots faster than anything else I have used. Only need a 1 second spray.
Sometimes hard to find. Fumes may make you dizzy or sick.
Radio Shack Contact & Head Cleaner easy to get, half second squirt is plenty, no residue, no smell. really powerful, big bang, big flame
Small can
Coleman Powermax Fuel A mixture of propane and butane. Loud BOOM! Peforms well even in cold weather. Good distance.
Sometimes hard to find. Also , you will need a device to attach tothe can to despence the fuel
Sulphur + Potassium Nitrate ground together Relatively slow combustion therefore better propellant properties
Gunks up the gun
Citropane This is made by Bernz O Matic corp. It is a mixture of propane and citronella oil. Performs slightly better than regular propane.
The Citronella oil may smell after a while
Ronsonol Lighter Fuel Big boom, great distance (6000ft) cheap, easy to get, no residue, 2 shots out of one load
Needs to be atomized, easy to over do
CRC ENGINE START Almost pure octane
Very dangerous
American Fare Furniture Polish Good Power, more than hair spray. Leaves lemony fresh sent.
Foam build-up. Probably a little expensive
Methylated Spirits Cheap, easy to get, smells good, explodes very quietly - will not attract attention
Needs to be shaken in barrel to turn into vapour, gives off a lot of heat and fire, hard to ignite, not the most powerful (but not bad).
Prestone Brake Parts Cleaner Cheep, powerful, and black smoke exits the barel if used in large ammounts (cool effect!) Contains: Acetone, Heptane, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, and propane
Leaves black soot in barel and chamber. Don't spray directly on lantern sparker.
Fautless Heavy Starch Very powerfull, less mess in chamber, a ton of shots with one can, use a little amount
Loud, smells bad, could be dangerous depending on amount used, BIG flamer
Eve Deodorant Spray VERY explosive, smells good
It's so temting to use as ammo
Brute Deoderant LOUD bang, no residue, works in pvc, not a whole lot needed, best if mixed with aquanet hairspray
Little residue left over, it fills barrel with fire, high pressure when shot, smells up hands, large nosel where aerosol comes out so hard to aim
Gum Remover Very powerful, sorta cheap, and its not loud, will send those spuds sailing into outer space
Hard to get right mixture of oxegen to gum remover
Pure Oxygen + Propane + Ether Really powerful. If you use too much you will just blow your spud to bits. Lots of flames. Really loud.
Very dangerous. Only use in strong metal guns. I have a metal gun with a 3" barrel and it kicks back really bad.
Raid bug spray Only thing I had. Cool muzzel flash
Almost no power. Poisonous.
Pure Oxygen + Black Powder + Aqua Net Very Very Powerfull, Very loud, Makes very big muzzel flash and Lots of black smoke
Shattered 2 of my abs plastic guns, Use only in cast iron or steel guns Leaves soot in chamber, Kicks back very bad, Have to mount on stable object
MXP welding gas Extremely powerfull, mix with O2 or NO2 and it gets crazy powerfull! All easily found in a typicall Canadian Tire store. (Canada) Also fuel doesn't condense as it is a gas so it works well in the winter.
You really better have a reinforced gun! (Metal probably better)
Constant air C02 canisters (Used For Paintball) Clean, Moderately Priced, Canisters are refillable, no ignition required, non flamable. Easy to load. Use more co2 to get more power.
C02 Reaches Pressures up to 800 PSI on average and up to 1000 psi on hot days. Be sure youre plumbing can safely handle these pressures. Need to rebuild propulsion system. Long Barrel to let co2 expand, isolated air chamber, and high flow ball valve to relase all pressure in one burst.
Starting Fluid (ether) + Nitrious Oxide Launches spud at around 300-400 ft/sec. and can be used safely in PVC guns
Easy to flood chamber
Whistling Bottle Rocket propellant (the black powder) Powerful (a tylenol bottle filled with it blew a 50 pound steel garbage pale 9 feet in the air), fairly easy to obtain
Require mass amounts a whistling bottle rockets (144 of them make 1 1/2 to 2 tylenol bottle, must be tightly packed and sealed within a contain, not recomended for plastic pipe
Tyre Shine Loud bang. Lubes barrel well due to silicon. Long, clean burn.
Bad smell, makes hands slippery.
Jet Engine Fuel Launching distance great with respect to noise. Cheap. Burns pretty clean.
Can pretty much be deadly if not properly atomized.
"The Works" Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Tin Foil Easy to find, reacts to form hydrogen.
Possible explosion, possible chemical burn
Brute Cologne Cheap, gun smells better
Pisses buddy off when you take it (why use your own?), probably not as good as other propellants
Starting Fluid (Ether) + Oxy (Welding) Adding a whiff of O2 takes a good propellent to a much higher level. Using limes as ammo, have punched perfect holes through wood fencing. Easy to add O2 from small welding bottle. O2 ensures ignition when too much propellent is added.
Can easily add too much O2. Not more than a 1 sec. burst from cutting torch. Have blown 4" threaded plug off the breech. The charge is as lethal as a shotgun.
Moth Balls and Gas mixed in a squirt bottle Big boom, Lot of fun.
Almost too powerful, needs to be atomized.
Cesium and Water Put a small chunk of Cesium in the gun. Put in waterballoon (make sure it is dry on the outside!) Screw lid with spike in. Shake and BOOOM! No need to ignite.
This will blow up even outside the chamber, so be sure to follow instructions! Even more powerfull than the Oxygen + hydrogen propellant. Must have big steel gun. Hard to come by.
Aneaker Cleaner Aerosol Can Very powerful, leaves no residue.
Smells and leaves soot
Brooxetaline Easy to find if you are in central Iowa. Extremely powerful, leaves soft white powder that wipes off easily.
Smells kind of funny and makes a weird noise
Dr. Scholls Spray Powder Smells funny, loud bang.
A little expensive.
Right Guard + Whip Cream Gas (nitrous oxide) Clean, cheap, Great
The right guard makes your barrle smell nasty
Cut Off Match Heads Amazing shower of flaming match heads ejected out of barrel, great power, useful for setting off rocket engine based projectiles because of heat and flame, absolutely huge smoke cloud. Could possibly be used with Aqua-Net as ignition source to simplify firing.
Because of heat only suitable for insaine people or those with metal guns. Will set anything around you on fire. Produces dangerous sulpher dioxide gas cloud which will make you puke instantly if not stop breathing all together. May requite custom gun with tiny combustion chamber. Takes long time to prepare/load (45 packs of matches all cut up for 1 liter combustion chamber and 6 foot barrel), difficult to ignite (requires 300,000 volt stun gun ignition system to produce hot enough spark, or flint based lantern ignitor)
Gas from Hair Moose Aerosols Flame Thrower efect on firing, 200 yrds range, and if you put little holes in your spud, and then put some coal dust in there, a massive rocket effect occurs!
The moose itself will dampen the explosion, so you must collect the gas only.
Atomize any Liquid Fuel Take a pump hairspray bottle (not the pressure ones), the kind that you push down with your finger and get 1 spurt of mist. Empty out hairspray and fill with the liquid fuel of your choice! I like using white gas, also sold as lantern/camping stove fuel.
None, works great because you can measure how much fuel you add per shot. Once you figure out how many spurts to add, you can add the exact same ammount every time for identical shots.
Mess Master Fires clean, very good distance, cheap.
Kinda stinks.
Denatured Alcohol Cleans igniter, very powerful, easy to find and smokless
Volitile, and you need a spray bottle to load
Pyradex Has nearly the same power of Black Powder, but burns cleaner.
It will still leave soot.
Repel Bug Reppellent It's very cheap and powerful. Makes a loud boom. Cheap to buy.
Only can be bought at Meijers stores. Slightly dangerous.
Denatured Alcohol / Acetone 10 to1 Cheap clean powerful 4" by 1' chamber and 2" by 4' barrel spuds in excess of 200 yds. Must atomize about 3 sprays or until a little fire comes out of barrel lot of fire just wastes fuel.
Big Noise (the neighbors know where you are).
Popcorn Butter Spray Big fireball, small bang, smells OK
Leaves sticky gunk in barrel.
Off Insect Repellent/Aqua Net Hair Spray Loud bang, shoots far.
Leaves a sticky gunk in barrel, and smells nasty.
Very Fine Sawdust Mixed With Atomized Gas Quick ignition
Very messy
Blue Ice Disappears after burnt, medium power, samll amount needed, easy to apply.
Hard to find
Air Freshner It's easy to get
It doesnt go very far
3pts. Petrol, 1pts. Gas Big flame. I will use it if I had nothing left apart from hair spray.The gas is for the little extra power and it makes it ignighte better if your ignighter is not that well.
May gum up your barrel.
Circuit Board Cleaner Powerful, quick ignition, dries out chamber and barrel after using oil. A little goes a long way.
Expensive. Dries quickly.
Arm & Hammer Deodorant Nice Bang, very powerful, great muzzle flash. Just a second is all you need. Cheap, easy to find.
Easy to flood, but once you find the right amount, good times are sure to come.
Moonshine (aka Everclear) Nice bang cool flame not to far but cheap. Must be 21 or over to buy. Must catch the stuff itself on fire not just the fumes.
Hard to load. Hard to get if uder 21.
Athleat's Foot Spray It makes a big bang and is more powerfull if you mix with bolt lubricator.
You do not get a lot of shots per can, expensive.
Paint Thinner & Oxygen Very, Very loud. Big flame. Can use it in a plastic gun.
Don't use to much. Expensive and complicated.
Soda(CO2) Bulbs Crush sparklers and wrap a soda bulb with them and foil. Stick another sparkler in as a fuse. Shaved frozen eggs work best. Shoots very far. Cheap
Very loud. Needs mounting, we used a shopping trolley. Needs a solid metal gun.
Gas + Finger Nail Polish Remover Very powerful. Does not need to be atomized. Just put it in and shake it up
Dangerous, smells terrible, loud.
Adhesive Glue (spray) Very strong, Cheap, huge flame.
Leaves gunk in gun, makes gun all sticky, you might lose an arm.
Antiseptic Strong, cheap, easy to get.
Smells, comes in a small can, if you stand too close you might lose an eyebrow (I know from experience).
Bromine + Mercury Shoots the potato about 1000 yards.
Hard to get, mercury is dangerous.
Testors Paint Thinner Easily ignitable, burns quickly
Smells real bad, harmful vapors like spray paint
Cutter Insect Spray Not very loud
Static Gaurd Loud Bang, Good Distance, Not Much Smell
Expensive, Not many shots per can
Duster Very Loud, lots of shots per can, nice fireball, good fuel at nite.
Expensive, may crack PVC/ABS when can is sprayed upside down.
Cutter and Aqua Net Loud, better distance than just Aqua net
May wake your neighbors ;) Smell may be unpleasent to some.
Nitro, Nirtomethane Dragster fuel. Expensive, Get from FHS redmax racing (100% nitro pulse jet fuel)
May blow up gun
Gasoline Very powerful, Very loud. Not easy to clean up
Floods gun easily, May blow ignition system depending on what you have.
lighter Fluid More powerful then hair spray
Hard to ignite, expensive, and harder to find then hairspray
Nitrocelluce (gun cotton) The most powerful propellant you can use besides high explosives. This is the propllant used in anti tank rounds. I have launched a golf ball 3 miles, blown through a redwood tree. Detonation volocity at 26,000 feet per second, compared to a 700fps for aqua net, generates 7000 psi, compared to aqua net at 45 psi.
Even steel guns wont stand up to the pressure. I used a hydralic cylinder for catiplilar bulldozers.
Ethanol You can make it yourself- just mix Cornsyup, water and yeast and let it sit for week or two (until it stops bubbling). Then distill it by boiling the ethanol in a sealed jar with a hose attached. Collect in a bottle and use.
Time consuming. Water vapor will get into the ethanol if the temp gets above 90 degrees celcius. Difficulty firing in the cold.
Ammonium Perchlorate + Aluminium + Epoxy Hardener Ammonium Perchlorate: 75%, Epoxy Hardener: 20%, Aluminium: 5%. Extremely powerful; used in high power rockets. Decomposition products are entirely gaseous.
Hard to ignite, very unstable burnrate at low pressures. High burn temperature. May explode barrel.
75% KNO3 + 25% Sugar Cheap, easy to find, powerful, burns very hot
Need a strong gun, explosion varies on size of grain.
Air Brush Liquid Reamer Trichloethylene - very volatile - very powerful - easy to buy from model and art shops
Can attack some plastics - fumes are powerful - propellant very powerful - small can (goes a long way)
Off Bug Spray Works well, no residue, fairy cheap and poweful
Easy to flood gun, makes excess liquid that has to be drained.
Gojo Painter's Hand Cleaner Extremely powerful, but safe.
Gunks up gun. Huge recoil.
Axe Deoderant Goes pretty far, smells nice
Gunk, cost, and missfires. Plus, their commercials suck.
Gojo Hand Cleaner smothered in Talcom Powder Twice the distance of normal Gojo, but still relatively safe. Gojo is easy to find, and pretty cheap. One tub lasts a long time.
Talcom powder can be hard to get, makes your hands dirty and powdery, gunks up your gun pretty bad.
Battery and Ignition Clean OK distance and lubricates the barrel.
Easy to use to much. Gums up the chamber. Floods easily.
Armor All Tire Foam Powerfull, leaves barrel slick when shot, don't need much, loud bang and lots of shots per can.
Expensive, must fire quickly after loading, smells sour.
Gasoline + Propane Very powerful, no gunk in gun.
Extremly dangerous.
Sodium Azide Very very powerful 1-3km, serous bang, easy to get(used in car airbags to create an explosion responsible for the filling of the bag).
Very toxic and expensive.
Sof Sole Shoe Waterproofer Powerful, clean, no smell, loud, neat bright blue muzzle flash at night, cost is OK.
I have only seen it in shoe stores.
Fog Oil Big boom, long distance, no residue
Smells bad, hard to ignite, harmful if inhaled
CA Glue Accellerant Quite powerful. Get it at the hobby store (used to make certain glues dry faster). A couple sprays will do. Makes a cool fireball if enough is used, also ignigts very well. Get a spray bottle and a large size refil bottle.
Smells bad (burned and unburned), smells up chamber, you have to blow out the chamber very well after every shot, bad to breath (if you git a big whiff).
Nitromethane + Acetylene + Oxygen Very powerful, maybe most powerful.
Extremely dangerous.
Paul Mitchel hairspray Greater combustion and distance than AuqaNet.
Cost about 6 bucks a can, makes wife extremely angry when she finds out what happened to her hairspray.
Finesse + Right Guard Extream Works almost every time, use only a 2 second spray.
Axe Body Deoderant 2 second shot does it powerful but not loud. Sounds like giant fart
Stinks like cheap colonge, makes water in chamber, won't fire if too much is used
Solarcaine It is used to treat sunburns. It is fairly powerful and extremely easy to get the right amount in the cumbustion chamber, a 3 second burst should do the trick.
It is difficult to find
Varnish Shoots spud about 250yds. Cheap, easy to find.
Smells bad. Screws up brain cells. Must be used with lysol air freshener. Easy to use too much. Not to be used in PVC guns.
Butane (liquid form) And Oxygen Monster distance, 10,000 foot shots. Put a drop on the end of a Q-tip and dab on igniter electrodes.
None (Editor's note: this can't be true)
Alcohol, Gasoline, Oven Cleaner Spray Extremely Powerful, Easy to light (less misfires)
Extremely Explosive
Axe Body Spray Very loud, shoots very far
Gives off hot exhaust
PAM Cooking spray Greases barrel, moderately powerfull, easy to find and cheap.
None worth mentioning
Panteen Pro v hairspray Really powerful, cool fire blast, and shoots over 200yds.
Gums up chamber after a while but is easy to scrape off.
Bradex Easy Start Highly Volatile, designed to start engines even in "Artic Conditions" (well thats what it says on the tin), doesn't smell bad, its cheap.
Easy to use too much.
Rc Nitro methylene fuel Glow start, 16% nitro , best to use the blue variety, makes remote control cars go very fast, will make the spud go into orbit
Every chance of using way too much, fuel has short life span of a couple of months so have the cannon ready to fire, then buy fuel , loud noise resembles concordes roar over head
Right Gaurd + Atomized Lighter fuel Has Lots Of Power, Loud Bang, Goes Very Far, And Both Chemicals Are Cheap.
not good if your neighbors are too close since it is loud,smells bad if you use more lighter fuel than right gaurd.
RC Car Fuel If you want a potato to go very far and get there very fast use RC fuel.
The only down fall is there is oil in it and it will flood your gun after a while and it will gum it up.
Disinfectant Spray and Starting Fluid Very powerful, long range (1000 feet), very cheap, spray both can at once for about 3-6 sec, vary loud, don't put in too much starting fluid
Smell bad for weeks, easy to flood, kind of watery when you open the cap
Dry Ice Cheap and clean, not combustable, needs no igniter
Frost bite, short term storage
Lithium and Water Very loud explosion
Quite dangerous, hard to find lithium
Chlorine and Sugar Cool brown smoke
Watch out for brown pungent gas (chlorine)
Potassium + Water Another "alkali metal + water" reaction. I included this one because potassium is the easiest to obtain, it explodes more powerfully than lithium or sodium, it produces some nice pink flames and it doesn't melt easily like rubidium or cesium.
Very dangerous, rapidly oxidises in air.
Pure Acetone Vapour Quite powerful, cheap, easy to get, and safe
Needs to be atomized/vapourized by either heating the barrel to more then 60*C or by using a mister.
Binaca Burns clean & smells good.
Small container.
(vaporized) Diesel Fuel Big boom, launches tators super far.
May explode whole cannon, but not very likely.
Orange Glo Loud, works great in cold, smells great
Jerry Curl juice is left in cap & chamber.
PVC Primer Fairly good distance, nice bang, easy to find and cheap.
Leaves liquid thats needs to be drained after about 3 shots.
Polar Engine Fluid Goes pretty far, Loud.
Stinks, floods launcher sometimes.
Rave Aresol Hairspray 3X Very nice boom, smells good, and launches very far, easy to clean out
Will gunk up chamber and threaded cap
Heavy Duty Degreaser Makes a loud boom and goes farther than hair spray. Easy to find.
Its not to good to inhale.
Metho + Chlorine Very Very Powerful, Easy To Ignite while atomised.
Will Blow Up If kept in sealed containers, very hot, stinks
Dry Ice and Water No need for ignitor, self ignition. Spud needs to be tight in gun and need to seal entrance of fuel, Screw on rear helps
You do not know when it is going to go off. It could take a 5 mins to 25 mins. Can not have any leaks to work right.
Adidas Aftershave Easy to load, fires well
Residue, probably expensive.
AX Body Spray Shot far without alot of it. Makes your barrel smell better.
Probably very expensive.
Foot Locker water repellant Very powerful, extremely flammable, smells like the inside of a foot locker store! Very cheap at 2 dollars a can. T he cans are ENORMOUS at 10 ounces!
None that I know of so far, but there may be?
Elemental Sodium and Water Makes Hydrogen, Loud Boom, Easy to get if you know where to look.
Can be hard to get, high school chem-labs have it. Makes puddle in gun.
Axe- Aftershave Easy to load, fires well.
Pure Oxygen And Any Flammable Vapour Put pure oxygen in to a long ballon then in to the gun spay more propelant than normall, pop ballon in chamber.
Don't use in a plastic gun. Potato and plastic goes every where.
Liquid plummer Explosion Get a bottle of liquid plummer. Than put a balloon over the top of the bottle and shake. The balloon will fill up with gas. Put news paper all around it and fire. Newspaper lights and explodes in air.
Don't fill balloon too much! Can become very explosive. Make sure to use newspaper, don't want this baby exploding in your gun.
Water Sealant Buy at home depot, shoots potato 400-600 yards.
Flash fires, so dangerous
Friction Alcohol 70% Easy to find, use with spray bottle, very loud bang!
Water in combustion chamber
Tinactin Athletes Foot Spray Powerful, not much residue at all.
Easy to use too much, so be careful.
ADORN hairspray Shoots almost everytime with a BBQ ignitor, not loud, very powerfull 200 yards with 3 second spray
Has a little bit of water in it that can flood your ignitor if you have a flint one.
321 Nail Dryer Found at Wal-Mart, has lots of propane, butane, and iso-butane, alcohol-denat-40. Its very dry and will not gum up your barrel at all.
The only disadvantatage is it will evaporate very quick so you have to put the cap in really fast after you spray it.
Cool Power 20% Nitro RC Plane Fuel Loud. Very powerful, use small amount, lubes barrel very well. Contains Castor Oil, Nitro Methanol, & Alcohol
Hard to ignite when too rich
Oxygen And Propane Hypersonic potato speeds. Sounds like a grenade going off! No residue. Easily obtained
Recreates the PVC pipe bomb! I know this from expierence
Glen 20 (hospital strength) Powerful, 60% ethanol, doesn't missfire too often
Only use a small amount
COX Super Power Model Plane Fuel Burns clean with good power. Good distance/peformance. Like most Nitromethanol fuels, the flame will be white in color.
May be hard to find (mostly available from hobby stores). Flame is colorless and not visible except at night. May melt some plastics.
H2 + O2 Self-Made In The Gun You only need some water, salt and a battery mounted on your gun. You turn on a switch to start electrolitic reaction. With two small pipes you load directly O2 and H2 in the ignition chamber, so you don't have to transport dangerous gas. Extremly cheap. Use a lead acid battery to energize the system.
Very dangerous. You must bring with you enough water and a battery. Not high pressure in the ignition chamber. In the electrolitic chamber Cl gas may be developed (dangerous to inhale). You must seal the connections between the ignition and the electrolitic chamber.
Finesse Firm Hold Hair Spray Smells good, not too loud. A 2.5 second spray goes around 1200 feet.
Leaves a residue.
Lysol Blows up in hand. Very coo, doesn't hurt.
Mix of Right Guard and White Rain Not too loud depending on the size of the chamber. Works really well.
Easy to use too much. Try to use 2 parts white rain and 1 part right guard.
Salon Spray Maximum Hold Professional Hair Spray(The cheap ass kind) Cheap, Loud boom, Shoots fireball out of gun, Hard to flood gun, Many shots in a can, only 99 cents/can, Super flammable, includes Ethanol, Isobutane, Propane MEA Borate, Hydroxyethylmaleimide, and Hydroxyethylmaleimide polymer.
Mucks up chamber over time (though not as much as most hair sprays, because it has more alcohol and less other bs)
Straight Static Guard (or Cheap Knock Off's) Takes very little (1-2 seconds spray for 4" X 30" chamber) so its cheap and economical (~$5 cdn for a big can). Ignites very easily. Very long distance.
Sometimes need to air the chamber / blow it out between shots if firing in rapid succession, smells a little but not displeasent, makes one hell of a bang if you get the mix right. light residue after many shots.
Flour Cheap
Must make into dust to ignite
Black Powder A lot of distance and loud
Youl will have to tape your spud with ducktape at the back first and it is expensive
Bicycle Pump Cheap, easy to use
Get tired after a while, for pneumatic guns only.
Hydrogen - Mix Aluminum + Water + Caustic Soda - makes Lots and Quickly Good propellant (apparently) can be made in volume using mehod above
Kerosine + Oxygen Extremely powerful, Pretty clean, Cheap to obtain
Very dangerous, pretty much same combination used to power liquid-fueled rocket engines. Take that as a hint - be extremely careful!
Hydrogen Peroxide + Magnesium Oxide Safe, no explosion
Hard to disassemble a battery (to get the magnesium), reaction of these two will creat heat
HEET Winshield De-Icer Cheap, clean burning, Intense blue muzzle flash at night. No odor and no residue. Main ingedient is Methanol.
Easily floods chamber. Not as powerful as other fuels. Methanol is poisonous.
Adidas Body Spray (sport fever-orange can) Far shot, smells awsome,good flame. Smells and shoots far better than AXE.
Cost $3.50-$3.99 a can. You may want to use it yourself instead of firing with it.
AXE body spray / WD-40 mix Works good, Very cheap, 3 or 4 squirts of WD-40 and one 2-3 second spray of AXE
Gums up chamber if to much WD-40 is used
Steam Same as compressed air
Same as compressed air except that You need a good heat source and a gun that can take the heat.
Gunpowder and Powder from Pink Sparkler/Flairs Burns fast and produces alot of thrust
Need a tough gun that can widthstand the heat. Burns in access of 2000° hot! Better have sunglasses or it will blind the crap out of you. Also a good idea to have a heat shield.
VP Racing Fuel Very far and very fast.
If you dont use it alot it can get very expensive.
LPG Liquid Gas Leaves a fire trail similar to Napalm.
Napalm fires are difficult to contain.
10% #4 Glycirine, 45% #2 Diesel, 45% REGULAR Gasoline Powerfull as hell, more stable then pure gas or diesal. Easy to ignite. Cheap.
Dangerous, leaves oily residue (remove with brake or gun cleaner). Some work to prepare.
Bromine I don't know what your talking about.
It is so hard to find.
Whiskey Shoots super far, loud bang, smells good
May melt chamber, easy to put too mutch, fumes make you high sometimes
Easy Start and Deodorant Very reliable and powerful, just a tiny squirt of Easy Start and 2 bursts of deodorant
Too easy to put too much Easy Start in
CSL Suede cleaner Super clean and amazingly powerful (about 500 yrds) this stuff ignites on the first push of the ignitor.Medium noise but huge fire ball.Amazingly, there is very little recoil.
Fumes before and after are really toxic and nausiating, this stuff really hurts if it is inhaled. Does not ignite well in the cold.
Sheath Rust Preventative + Elmers Tacky Adhesive(areosol) Tremendus distances and huge noise and muzzle flash.
Tends to gum up barrel and the Sheath smells like gym socks.
Rem Oil Shoots Far, Smells cool
Small can, oily
Lock De-Icer Very loud boom, and big muzzle flash.
Smells nasty when combusted, and is toxic.
Oust Air Deoderizer Nice with smaller guns (2" chamber), makes a cool sound. Shoots fine
Have to use very little, smells really funky
Orange Glow Very powerful and very reliable, big bang.
Expensive, make sure its the aerosol not pump spray.
Potassium Carbonate with NaNo3 or KNO3 Makes a big mess. Can explode badly even when burned freely in air.
Very unstable and hygroscopic
Stump Remover (Saltpeter) and Sulfer(flower spray) Easier to get than gun powder and cheaper.
Doesn't burn quite as fast as gun powder.
Right Guard + Old Spice Smells so good, cheap
Disadvantages? There are none
b.o.d. Cheap Body Cologne Quiet, almost no recoil
Not that powerful
Antimatter Reacts with regular matter emmiting 100% photons at 100% efficiency, projectile should easily reach the Earths escape velocity, excellent muzzle flash, no residue, very little fuel needed per shot (several billionths of a gram)
Chamber should posibly comprise of a ring of high speed rotating magnets to avoid fuel contact with chamber (expensive), hard to transport, hard to obtain, may result in a bad effect on the Earths natural rotation and ballance, very dangerous (eye protection should be worn).
Gasoline+Nitromethane+Denatured alcohol Goes through nearly any target, really cool flame at night.
Quality of ingredients determine residue. Sore shoulder, ringing ears. Ticket for disturbing the peace for firing at night.
WH-40 Industrial Hornet Killer Very powerful.
Very easy to gum up and flood
Start Pilot Very powerful
Leave a fatty film
Silicone Lubricant Good power, lubricates barrel, large flame with a "whomp" sound
Needs a lot to be effective however, too much will flood the combustion chamber resulting in poor or no ignition. Smells bad when burned, may leave soot
Methelated Spirits Burns Well, No residue, Cheap
I've never actually tried it but in theory its the perfect fuel
AMFO Diesel+fertilizer, cheap, huge explosion, large flame.
Extremely strong, use strong metal gun.
Vinegar + Baking soda Shake, no ignition, cheap.
Weak use heaps, messy.
Dove Deodorant spray Very powerful and loud, moderatley priced, easy to find.
Shoots out big jet of flame, very loud, may not be safe for plastic gun. Also is a woman's deodorant, so may look weird buying it.
Carb + Plug Cleaner 3 ft flame! this stuff will launch anything. It's amazing for PVC guns because etheir and such things are a bit over kill and you would blow urself up, Whereas carb cleaner seems to be pretty stable for the most part.
None, cant think of any bescides of they ammount you have to spray in to get it going. It's fairly cheap and a can will last you easily 1/4 yr.
Silvikrin Hair Spray Powerful if you can ignite it, Good range.
Very hard to ignite.
Cheap Bug Spray Can be found in many 99c/$1 stores. Doesn't make such a loud bang (good if you want to fire in your back yard). Shoots quite far.
Easy to flood gun/put too much. If the igniter is not sealed properly, the whole thing might just blow up due to gas escaping from the cracks. Smells weird.
Everclear Burns quickley
Flash Powder + Smokeless Powder Extremely Powerful. Easier to guage than liquid or gas propellants. Use 100-350 grains of each. Pour smokeless powder directly into chamber and nest flash powder in electrodes.
Very Dangerous. Very loud. Barrel and chamber should be cleaned out after every couple shots. Stinks. Expensive. As barrel diameter increases, performance decreases dramatically. Use ONLY with metal guns.
Powdered Silicon If it fine enough, it is extremely explosive. Spray a propellant along with it. I haven't tried it yet, but from what i know, it is powerful.
Use a matal gun! Be careful, if you put your head in the barrel and press the ignitor, you might get hurt.
Electric Motor Cleaner Stronger than hair spray, only one little spray is needed
A bit costly
Octal Alcohol Good clean burning and will launch fairly well
Expensive and hard to come by, and it really smells bad
Liquid Methane Loud, cool flames out end of barrel
Explosive and very dangerous, use metal gun.
Lysol Safe, smells good, powerfull
Sticky, takes a while to dry out
Angry Wife chasing spud stealing Husband. Spud can travel far distances and around corners.
Wife is in much better shape than me !
Green Gas Very Clean, No residue left behind
BRUT (Brutally Male) Deoderant Works first time, every time, extremely cheap, big can (get lots of shots), the more you use the more powerful (5 seconds worth is good), smells pretty good
Leaves white gunk if u use more than you need to.
Apx38 Powerful
Hard to find
(Bleach and Isopropyl Alcohol Mixture) + Hydrogen Peroxide EXTREMELY POWERFUL! Shoots amazingly far! Pretty Cheap. Clean - no chlorine gas is released because all the oxygen on NaOCl is reacted to form NaCl which is table salt.
Very dangerous. Stupid to try at face distance. You need a remote control of some sort for safe distance. Definetly need a metal barrel. Need to drain used byproducts every time.
Orthonex, any of the AROESOL brands w/ extreemely flammble on 'em Makes a sweet boom when using 5-6 seconds, otherwise makes a sweet sound any way. Easily reaches 150 yards and beyond , and scares your neighbors easily
VERY expensive (9.00 bucks a can), smells bad, chamber becomes black and gets a liquidy build up, I'm not sure if they've changed the formula (I have a old can)
Matte Finishing Spray/ for paintings Very powerful, cheap, clean burning, doesn't smell too bad and you can easily use it without getting hurt
You have to let the combustion chamber air out for about two minutes before launching again
Liquid Fire (also known as Greek fire) Big Boom, Loud, Powerful
Hard to find. Use sand to put it out because the more water you put on the bigger the fire. Don't breath in or you'll faint.
Water Proofer for Shoes Very powerful, a little goes a very long way.
Easy to over load chamber, Gums up electrodes
Pledge Spray Fun, loud and needs to be shaken well
Needs to be shaken well
Alberto Hair Spray Fires far, loud, cheapest hair spray out there, mists good and it is in a big bottle
Gums up barrel. Fouls ignitor, gums up loading cap.
Old Spice Endurence Spray Absolutly amazing, powerfull, can spray a lot, fires everytime, fires real far and really loud.
Not many. Doesn't gum up chamber or anything, just Old Spice spell after words.
Petrol with Polystyrene Dissolved In It Powerful flame
Burns long, dirty
Teide Deoderant Powerful from what I've seen. My spud went 300 feet with a 4" barrel.
So powerful, it separated the barrel and combustion chamber on my gun!
Siphitrol Nice flame, shoots far
Gums up gun and smells bad
Nitrogen Gas extremely flammable and potent. Would recomend remote actuation. Will shoot over a mile if timed just right. (Editor: Um, nitrogen is NOT flammable.)
Hard to find and is expensive. (Editor: Won't work either...)
Helliofloufiricdioxinphane Extremely cheap and effective. Leaves no residue. Good for the novice spud gunner
This stuff is hard to find. Its mostly used by the military for covert op missions but I have seen it out on the market for sale to citizens in a couple places
Glade Puffs Extremely powerful, doesn't gum up barrel, easy to find
Costly and you have to use quite a bit
Gun Cotton Powerful.
Hard to find
2 Parts Potassium Nitrate + 1 Part Sugar + 1 Part water Easy to find at hobby stores, mixes well with areosol propellants
May gum up barrel, solid fuel, if you add to much sugar then it makes a huge smokebomb, gets very hot
Rocket Engine Cool flames, noise, no need for end cap. Easy to affix to your potato. Simply bore a hole in the rear of the potato and stick the engine into it. Affix model rocketry ignition system. Fire.
Damaging to eyes and general 'face' area. If the engine is poorly aligned, the potato will fly off course and cause mayhem in an unintended direction. Fire remotely.
AXE Deodorant Spray Works pretty good our gun. Cheap and extremely easy to find. 2-5 seconds is usually enough.
Long lasting AXE smell, leaves the chamber real gunky.
AXE Blue flame.
Weak, stream is only about 3 inches. Also may explode if flame reached to chamber.
Testors Brush Cleaner Shoots far, cheap ,you can find in the model section at most stores.
A little wattery.
Lysol Disinfectant Spray Very, very strong. Leaves no gunk. Only needs 3-10 seconds of spray. lasts a long time. If ignited a 2nd time right after a launch with nothing in it, it acts as a flamethrower.
If sprayed on the igniter (i.e. flint) it won't ignite.
Tag Deodorant Spray Has Denatured Alchol, Butane, Isobutane, and Propane, Better then axe (I get about double the range with less smell)
None (Well, they have stupid commercials)
Osis Hair Spray Works very well.
Too loud if you use too much.
Old Spice Red Zone Loud, powerful, smells good, easy to use, goes really far.
Oily film in chamber.
PASLODE FUEL CELL (Compressed flammable liquefied gas) cordless nail gun propellant. Readily available, priced reasonably, clean burning, each can comes with its own metering device, nice loud pop when fired, cans are small and easy to carry.
Haven't found any yet! It woud be nice to know what kind of gas is in the canester
Coppertone Spray Sunscreen Powerful, better than deodorant, readily available
Slightly expensive, sunscreen residue is left behind, breathing too much makes you sick
Layout Fluid (Machinist's Dykem) Remover A little bit goes a long way
Extremely explosive (huge bang)
Flash powder EXTEREMLY POWERFUL, only use in thick metal gun and only use a tiny bit(like 1gram depending on how good the flash is). u don't have to use very much.
Expensive($50 a pound), have to make your self or get from firecrackers, hard to find ingredients(potasium perchlorate/aluminium 7/3), easy to use way too much
Brake Fluid and Chlorine Looks really cool at night and gives a good thrust to any projectile let alone a potato. Self igniting.
Gets very hot, you dont really know when its going to fire, turns into a flamethrower.
Leaf Shine Burns OK, big muzzle flash, OK power
Messy, expensive
L.A looks Hairspray (Doller Store)cheap,very loud bang,Tater goes far.
Gunks up the barrel(Alot),Smells terrible
MEK (Methal Ethel Keatone) One hell of a bang, combusts easily, it worked every time with a BBQ ignitor. Far distances, long blue flame.
Can cause cancer, it must be atomized
Jet Fuel Lots of distance, loud
Dangerous, hard to find
Salon Selectives Hairspray (Extra Hold) Very Cheap, Loud Bang, Goes Very Far, Sometimes Get Flames Out The End!
VERY Sticky, I had to use a wrench and 2 people to get the end cap off after it sat overnight (Dumbass I Know)
Dog anti tick and flea spray REALLY POWERFUL, no residue, makes a nice flame (you can even just hold a lighter in front of it and make a really awesome flamethrower), comes in easy to use spray gun. Not much noise.
Expensive (depending on brand), smelly, needs to be atomized, shake it up a bit.
Thermasilk Hair Spray Not very loud (won't wake up neighbors), very explosive, nice smell, long orange flame.
Leaves chamber sticky, if sprayed on ignitors won't light.
Thrust Starting Fluid Very loud and goes very far
Gasoline + Kerosene+ 100% Oxygen Very clean burning, it can launch objects around 3000+ feet.It was used as rocket fuel for the Saturn 5 Apollo 11.
Temperatures produced are very hot and pressures are high, needs a reinforced gun frame. Note: Extremely Loud with a High Level of Blowback
Camp Dry Very powerful. No Residue. Good Flame. No Smell.Cheap.Not very loud.Tons of shots per can. Good all around Propellant.
Very cold. Could crack frame.
Air Wick 2 in 1 Reliable, loud bang, smells good
May gum up chamber, leaves residue
Carborator cleaner and Aquanet Loud bang, more distance than only Aquanet. also cleans Aquanet out of your spud gun
None yet....What is safe about an explosion?
Meter Mist or Zep Industrial Air Freshener Commonly Available, decent power, metered aerosol cans make it easy to keep track of fuel used, botanical oils create a nice orange muzzel flash.
Expensive unless you know where to get it, botanical oils smell awful after combustion.
Butane + Right Guard + Red Zone Goes really far, big blue jet flame, really loud, cheap, clean
Alcohol 75% + Butane Clean, cheap, very powerful, goes really far, easy to mix: 1 spray of alc. and 1-2 seconds of butane.
Have to mix, a little water in camber after a few shots.
Hydrogen Fused with initial Uranium-235 Fission. Extremely powerful. Causes potato to vaporize, and Ions cause the formation of "Potato plasma". Yields an expansion rate of around 345,000,000m per second.
To avoid the critical nuclear mass causing the nearest 30 miles to be completely vaporized, it is advised that you have 43 inches of depleted uranium reactor shielding, and a sustained electromagnetic field with a charge of 45 Kw handy.
Tequila Good clean burn
No visible flame, careful not to burn on spillage
Aerostart Shoots spud out of sight, loud bang, big flame, good clean burn
Not many places to shoot it because it goes well over 2000 feet
Fly Sprays Powerful, insteresting to watch.
Smelly, poisonous and too much heat.
PVC Cemet mixed with Axe Very loud.
Kind of expensive.
PVC Cleaner Very loud and powerful
Hard to get right amount, not very reliable
Brut Deodorant Spray It is made with propane, so it goes really far when shot without getting hot or letting off toxic fumes
It smells strange after being used
Brut Deodorant Spray + Aquanet Shoots very far, works best with around 3 seconds from Brut, then 2 seconds from Aquanet, put on the cap, and fire. Both are relatively cheap and easy to find.
Smell may be bad to some. Helps a LOT to blow out the chamber with an air compressor after each launch.
Old English Polish Spray Lights real easy, fire shoots out the barrel, only need 2-6 seconds
Smells bad after a while
Propane/Pure Oxygen Loud, spud goes far, easy to fill
Expensive, not something you have lieing around the house, dangerous
Aeroguard Mosquito Repllenat Goes really far, very easy to find, doesn't smell to bad, easy to get the right amount.
A bit unreliable and won't fire every time.
Spray Paint + Petrol + Wax Take whole can of spray paint. Mix petrol with melted wax and dip the nozzle of the spray paint can in it. Shove it into your gun, spray petrol vapour behind it and ignite. Paint can will go about 100 yards and will blow up when it hits the ground. Like a morter.
Very dangerous. Paint can could explode in gun. Metal guns only. WILL gum up chamber slightly. Do not point at people or cars.
Tresemme Hairspray Shoots well when it goes off about, 2 second burst is good
Gums up everything, smells bad, leaves residue. Aaqua Net must better.
Suave Max Hold Unscented Hairspray Cheap explosive, nice muzzle blast, pretty powerful
Gunk, slight odor yet somewhat pleasant
Silicone Spray Highly explosive, spray 2-3 seconds
Gums up the chamber
Bitumen (roof tar) and Oxygen Very powerful (used for home-made bike rockets!)
Can leave gunky residue and toxic before and after firing. Hard to load, can continue to burn after.
80% starting fluid/ 20% laquer thinner Powerful. burns clean, thinner helps ignition problems that are associated with straight ether. Most dependable and cheapest fuel found yet.
You can only buy a couple cans of starting fluid at a time without folks wondering what's up.
Static Gaurd and AXE Bodyspray (1-2 second shot each) Well I've never found anything I've launched with this stuff, they got shot too far. Nice good boom as well.
You need to air out the chamber with frequent shots, and it stinks like hell. If you use too much of each it won't shoot.
Propane+Carbeurator Cleaner+WD-40 (old can) Not too loud, extremely strong propulsion, not very difficult to mix all together.
Might flood, have to use old can of WD-40 (new ones use CO2 as propellant), lots of kick.
Brush Cleaner for Water Based Brushes Pretty loud, I shot a golf ball about 250+ yards with a pretty simple gun.
Chamber must air out very well. Comes in quart cans, and must be atomized. Smells bad.
Store Brand Sport Deodorant Spray Very cheap, shoots a potato a fair distance
After a few shots your barrel will start to smell like burning a combination of burning hair, plastic, and rubber
Any Non-stick Cooking Spray Makes the barrel very lubricated and virtually no smell, easy to find, and very quiet. You only need to spray for 1 or 2 seconds. Works with PVC. Also it is very safe!
Steam Really cool, goes far
Hard to do, takes a while, causes steam burns
Adidas Body Spray More flamable than AXE,TAG,Red Zone
Pricey if bought outside Europe. About 8.50$ CDN
Off Deep Woods Spray Big bang, fairly powerful. Works every-time. 2-3 second spray.
Vapors extremely harmful. Found out later that fumes can affect nervous system, and generally hurt us, Damn.
Right Guard Sport (butane) + Right Guard Regular (Denatured Alcohol) Goes relatively far with a just loud enough bang. Butane doesnt light easy by itself, so the alcohol provides the distance, while igniting the butane and making a big noise.
None so far. Make sure to use about .75-1.5 seconds of spraying both in the chamber at the same time. Remember, with RG, less is more.
Secret Vanialla Body Spray Quiet, bright orange/red flame. pretty powerful and has some distance
Blew the back part of my gun off, smells like burning womans clothes or something
Good Look Hairspray Medium bang, safe, easy to find (especially in Singapore and Malaysia). Suitable for plastic guns, it won't stink after fire.
It will leave a yellow substances after shooting. Not suitable for using it at home as it will do great damage on your furniture.
Dove Hair Spray+Lighter Fluid+Axe Cologne+Butane Light a couple with each, starting with the hair spray, then the lighter fluid, then the axe then the butane. Once you've used all of these, almost anything will work and it will shoot very hard. MAKE MASHED POTATOS!!
Using so many different propellants sometimes causes misfires, and you may have to click your sparker a couple times. But when it fires, it sure does fire!
Revlon Hair Spray Nice boom, many shoots per can, less is better, it can shoot 3 times without charging again.
Kind of expensive, gums up chamber.
Polyoctane Made of polycarbonate mixed with butane, gas, and Axe spray. Big boom, good distance.
Nitrous/Propane About 2-3 times more powerful than straight propane, start with an aired out chamber, blast the N20 bottle in for several seconds, and fill with propane as usual. Still experimenting have been 500meters with 8' PVC gun
If you have the stuff available, clean as hell and easy to light, can't use too much N20, meter your propane carefully.
Static Gaurd Powerful, Good boom, Readily available, Clean burning/No residue left in chamber, Average flames, Spray 1-2 seconds for best results. Used only in PVC cannon.
Kind of smelly, but not too bad.
Brut + Lynx (Normal lynx not the dry version) Very Powerful. I say powerful but if you ever use butane/propane then it ain't that great. It is definatly cheap. $10 NZD can get you a can of both and lasts you many many shots.
The Brut leaves a white liquid in the chamber after a while or if you spray too close to the chamber/too much. The Lynx heats up the chamber.
Sodium-Magnese and Water Mix Massive shot, if fired at night, magnesium that goes into the potato makes it look like a fireball. No ignition needed: just drop it into some water. For best results use a small handfull
Hard to get, need a metal gun or magnesium will burn a hole
Gun Cleaner Any gun cleaner works. Very loud and reliable. Good with PVC.
Easy to use too much. Do not spray on your ignition. Will misfiere.
Shoe Polisher OK distance, very easy igniton, makes your gun smell good.
Costs a lot, hard to find.
Potassium Chlorate + Gummy Bear Soft bang. Fires very far.
Smells of gummy bears, only needs half a teaspoon.
Cutter Bug Spray Doesn't take much to make a big boom. Nice loud sound to piss off neighbors
Leaves liquid in chamber that has to be drained to light
Carbon Choke Cleaner Good distance, cheap, easy to find.
Esy to put flood.
Mix Equal Parts Paint Thinner, Denatured Alcohol, Rc Car Fuel Clean Burn, Smell is Negligible. Distance is Fantastic. Great Blue Flame (seems to average about 3 feet from the Barrel). The Fuel Used To Break the Sound Barrier (Firing a Golf Ball).
Have to Mix in a Garden fertilizer then Pressurize it then Spray into a Gun. Can be a Bit Pricey But you get a Great amount Paint Thinner is $15 a Gallon Denatured Alcohol is $15 A Gallon and RC Nitro Fuel is about $60 a Gallon. Hard to Use in Winter. Loud as Hell
Clorox Very powerful, loud bang, very far (distance)
May leave liquid gunk in chamber
Green gas for air-soft guns Big boom, it ignites well and burns clean.
Dangerous. Have not used it enough to know the dangers.
Right Guard Great for the first 5 or 10 shots.
Then it leaves a powery, chaulky, substance behind.
Tef Coat dry Lubricant Powerful, doesn't take much
Easy to flood chamber
ASDA Essential Care 24 hour body spray Contains all the goodies: Butane Isobutane Alcohol Propane Methanol. Burns nice and clean.
May have funny smell, depends on what smell you use. I used COOL and MIAMI
Lynx Deoderant + Mineral Turpentine Very loud bang and spud out of sight!!!
None found so far!!! May attract unwanted attention of nearby neighbours... LOL
American Eagle Body Spray Fairly powerful, loud, never really had to air out the chamber
Smells, leaves behind a watery substance coating the inside (not sure what it is)
ECLIPSE Photographic Lens Solution (Pure Methanol) Burns Very clear and clean, big bang, no visible flame
Gives headaches if fumes are sniffed for to long
Metho + Oxygen Easy to find metho, get oxygen from local pet/fish store, Makes loud pop and plenty of power
CAUTION Very EXPLOSIVE will most likely blow PVC into pieces!
Half Banana, Half Kerosene Solution Travels about 0.75 miles, smells like bananas
Messy, requires adult supervision.
Bubble Gum Remover A Little goes a long way. We only use about 1 second of spray. Nice pop to it.
Smells bad much like everything else
Coleman Powermax Fuel 2 A mixture of propane and butane. Loud. Performs well. Good distance. Neat flames. Easy to find, go to a Big 5 or Target.
Needs to be atomized. Well, it doesn't need to be, but putting it in a hair spray bottle and putting 20 spays makes it work well.
Acetylene + Pure Oxygen (Neutral Flame) If you adjust a standard oxy-Acetylene flame for a neutral flame (ie blue, quite and no smoke), then the acetylene has enough oxygen for a perfect burn. EXTREMELY LOUD AND EXTREMELY POWERFUL - far better than Lynx deoderant!
Must have an Oxy-Acetylene Welding kit - expensive, not very portable, EXTREMELY LOUD!!, EXTREMELY POWEFUL - it may damage your gun and your ears and any other body part near by if the gun ruptures. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
De-Icer Spray Pure isopropanol and antifreeze, medium/high power, leaves no residue and extremely clean burn. Cheap.
Propellant is CO2 so don't spray too much. Produces a lot of water and steam so u gotta ventilate it well.
Off Skintastic Insect Repellent Cheap. Can be found in and store. Comes in a spray bottle.
Requires a mist, but the spray bottle it is in works.
Tresémé Curl and Shine Goes realy far
Taft hairspray You don't have to use much, fair distance and you can use this stuff in pvc cannons.
Don't put to much in otherwise will not ignite because of lack of oxygen (could be the size of my gun).Leaves combustion chamber a bit sticky
Oxy Clean Powder Smells fresh, leaves cool powder in air, nice flame
Doesn't shoot furthest, but great for safer shoots.
Smart Balance Cooking Spray Nice fire blast, very powerful. Lubes barrel nicely, no gunk
Hard to find, slightly expensive, can start to smell after a little while
Chuck Norris's Breath Will launch spuds into the outer region of the solar system. Awesome flame ejcted from barrell. Advised that you use cannonballs as most spuds evaporate
Destroys evrything within 10 mile radius. You have a -100% of survival after spud is fired. Advised that you have a gun made of diamond, may cause black holes
Enamel Nail dryer Fast burning, easy to find, comes in aerosol can, extremely flammable, and lots of uses per can
Dissipates very fast, somewhat expensive
canola oil Cheap, lubes barrel, probably have some laying around house anyway
Gunks up where you spray it, if you hit your igniter it won't work
Any mosquito repellant Inexpensive, easy to find, works well with weaker ignition systems. mosquitos should avoid your cannon.
Smells wierd before and after burning.
Neon Colored Hairspray Loud, far, and powerful.
Paints cannon
2/3 white gas; 1/3 acetone mix Easy to obtain (white gas is camp fuel; can get acetone "paint thinner" in building supply stores). acetone evaporates quickly, for good ignition; gas provides power and is cheaper than acetone; burns cleanly; good flame and "bark".
Acetone can gum-up cheap spray bottles; 3 squirts for first shot, then reduce to 1.5-2 squirts per shot, else floods (4"x18" chamber).
Cloth Soaked In Flammable Liquid (gives off flammable fumes) Fun to make, easy to get mixture of oxygen right, big ball of fire comes out of barrel, powerful, nice bang and can hurl a spud into orbit.
Can be messy making it (but that's what make it fun to make), burning cloth can smell.
White Rain + Old Spice spray deodorant Loud. Shoots spuds somewhat fast. Spray both into chamber for a count of 5 at the same time. Extremely cheap.
Hard to get the right fuel mixture. Easy to put too much. Only good for one or two consecutive shots due to the extreme gunk build up and water in white rain.
Lysol When ignited 50+yd. shot.
Hard to keep in barrel. Does not work well with new cans during the day, and night works reat due to barometric pressure drop
Tresseme Hair Spray Very cheap and easy to find
Doesn't work first time if something has been used before it, really gunks up chamber
Potasium and Sugar Very powerful
Takes time to make
Gumout Easy to obtain. Reliable combustion.
Leaves oily residue. Smells funky.
Spray Disenfectant (WalMart, light blue can) Very powerful, cheap, nice recoil, don't need much, keeps gun in clean working condition
Never had any
TRESemme hair spray First two ingredients: alcohol and hydrofluorocarbon, both very strong...
It is about three dollars, so not the cheapest
Naval Jelly: Rust Remover Contains ACETONE, and DIMETHYL ETHER. Good for PVC gun. Two short burst sprays is best. Cool multicolored flames. Available at any hardware store.
Dangerous if ignited outside of cannon. Harmful to breath. Might give you cancer if you breathe it on purpose. ACETONE, and DIMETHYL ETHER are extremely flammable
Candle Mold Release No mess, moderately powerful, and quiet.
Break Clean (GREEN CAN) Very powerfull, loud, no smell, cleans out gunk. USE VERY LITTLE.
I use a stun gun ignitor so I dont know how it will react to sparks or grill ignitors.Slightly expensive.
Silvikrin Firm Hold - UK Easy mix. Quiet - Wont annoy the neighbours. More powerful than most hairsprays.
Smells bad. Gums up the works. Clean electrodes after use.
Starter fluid + Propane Very powerful, loud bang, relitivly cheap, works best with 2-3 seconds of propane and a short burst of starter fluid. Easy 300yards
Should be used in well made gun, easy to over use starter fluid (misfire)
Super Glue Accelerator Very powerfull, no smell, quiet and no mess
Very expensive
Lysol and Suave Hairspray Sends potato over 100yd, cheap, flame thrower only seen at night
Gums up your cannon, misfires
Pledge Lemon Furnature Polish Gives Good Kick
leaves Gummy Residue
Atomized Nitomethane 25% Nitromix (Hobby Fuel) Extremely Clean, Powerfull, Can be brought at most hobby shops as fuel for nitro R.C cars. Little goes a long way. Easy to ignite.
Just needs to be Atomized (put though a spray nozle). To turn it into vapour quicker.
Hydrogen (generated by more efficient method) Powerful & Clean. Can be made quickly & in large quantities by dissolving Magnesium in concentrated HCL. Do it in a test tube or small beaker & put a balloon or a rubber johnnie over the top to collect the gas. Carefu! Highly flammable & highly explosive under pressure.
Dangerous if you aren't careful or don't know what you are doing. But then again, isn't everything? Magnesium can be difficult to source.
Blade Deodorant Spud easily goes 300 to 400 feet. Good smell. Very loud. Good kick. It's awesome!
It is sometimes hard to keep in combustion chamber.
Hot Shot Fogger Mildly powerful, loud bang
Not very reliable, sometimes doesn't fire.
Deodorant in Syringe You fill a syringe with any deodorant. Your pumping to the chamber almost pure butane. If you put the right amount you can get the projectile very far. Leaves no sticky residue. (At least on the chamber). Very cheap, many shots per can. Perfect control over fuel combustion.
Syringe gets a lot of spray residue. Really loud if perfect amount used.
Crushed up Model Rocket Engines Fireball and lots of smoke. Kinda powerful. Needs to be right next to spud.
People might think you're a terrorist.
Black Powder and Sulfur soaked in Gasoline Kinda Powerful and easy to ignite cause of the gasoline. Will kill any bugs in your spud gun (as with most propellants though).
Smells horrible! (because of the sulfur) Imagine rotting eggs mixed with old socks. Wear a gas mask to protect yourself.
Butane/Propane/ISOpropane (Camping Cartrige) Very Cheap $6 for a a 4 pack (the long kind cartridge) easy to find (camping stores, k-mart, big W). Powerful, Clean burning, works well in cold weather.
Have to use a nozzle off a deodorant can to disperse gas.
Diet Coke + Mento's Good for new cannon users. Easy to find. Safe. Need only water bottle size pipe. Good to make bomb too.
OK distance.
NEON brand room air freshener from Fields store (Canada) Very cheap, only $1 per can (250 ml), smells nice, fairly loud and powerful, many shots per can.
Leaves a bit of moisture in the chamber.
4.5% propane, 6% MAPP gas, 5.5% N20 (nitros oxide) (metered) Extremely powerful, used in PVC gun safely. Launched tennis balls 1200 yards easy in a 35" x 3" chamber. Not too loud compared to other mixtures (has muzzle brake), shot a spud 954' at 683fps. I metered the mixture in 3 separate pieces of tubing before releasing into chamber.
Extremely powerful!, use caution and don't over mix the N20 (very easy to do) or you will be pulling pieces of PVC out of your body. N20 is expensive and hard to come by depending on where you live, and MAPP gas is expensive. Build your gun well to use this mixture.
Geau colone + Butane Bottle comes with atomizer. You only need one squirt. Requires only a little butane. Covers up nasty butane smell.
Leaves lots of liquid in gun. Only works in mini spud guns.
Sparkler Dust None, unless you want to melt your spud gun (or in my case macadamia nut cannon) chamber
Soot all over your barrel, lots of smoke (black), doesn't propel for crap...yeah so pretty much don't try it AND last of all it melts your chamber
Air Wick 100% Natural Propellant Air Freshener 100% natural. Pleasant fragrances.
Weak spray. Lacks sufficient spray pressure. Very wet spray vs mist.
Got 2 Be Glued High powered, easy to ignite, easy to get your hands on.
Will kill you.
Dihydrogen Monoxide Easy to obtain and very cheap. The hydrogen and oxygen are already mixed in stoichiometric proportions for optimal combustion. Very powerful when ignited, and moderately volatile.
Will not ignite with ordinary ignition systems. Need high temperatures to ignite, preferably burning magnesium. Will cause guns composed of PVC to reach critical pressure and explode.
SPECTRUMPLUS Instant Starting Fluid Very powerful and the chamber doesn't need much at all.
It's hard to get the right mixture of fumes and Oxygen and it doesn't evaporate into fumes if it's a little cold outside.
Dove Extra Hold Hairspray Not too smelly, good distance, loud, makes a nice fireball out of the barrel
kind of expensive- you can get AquaHold for half the price and double the can, but the extra cash may be worth it.
Chuck Norris's Fart 10000000000000000 mile+ distance. If the gun is aimed upward, it may hit Pluto. Will burn anything within a radius of 1000 miles. Only suitable target is Chuck Norris's abs.
Stinks like hell. You will die if you're standing anywhere near the gun. Gun must be made of 5" thick diamond. You have to find Chuck Norris and shoot at him otherwise the world or another planet will blow up.
NAPA Premium Brake Cleaning Fluid Get at NAPA part store. Low VOC. Only about $4, shoots potato long way.
None so far
scotch guard Launches far burns clean in the chamber, very loud! No duds what so ever..... spray for two seconds.
Stinks like crap burning
TRESemme Extra Firm Control Hair Spray Has a cool looking flame that shoots out the end. Launches the ammo pretty far.
Smells terrible!!!
Generic Brand Antipersperent/Deoderant Easy to find, cheap, very clean burn, 1-2 second(s) spray, smells good
Not very powerful, very very loud crack, almost like a .22
Hypoxochloramine Generates an enormous red explosion (Use VERY thick metal tube) That will throw an object at a mile away or more.
Slightly radioactive (Gamma Particles), toxic, will eat through bare skin, leaves combustion remaiders (Hydrogen Fluoride) that are carcinogenic. Hard to get.
Muriatic (HCl) Acid plus Bleach or NaOH or Baking Soda Lots of gas. Does not require ignition. Purely pneumatic. Safe (except with bleach).
Could create Chlorine gas when HCl is mixed with bleach.
Neutronium Bomb Will Get Spud Out Of This Galaxy And Even Out Of Our Cluster. Aim At Chuck Norris And You'll Punch A 10 Mile Hole Out Of Him.
Highly Radioactive And Will Destroy Any Connecting Material Into More Neutrons That Scorches Matter. 1 Shot Capable Of Sublimating The Entire Galaxy Into Neutron Degenerate Matter. Only Available In The Universe In The Form Of A Neutron Star. (Sorry For The Science, Um........ Well, I'm A Scientist.)
Hush Puppies Water Resistance + Propane Very powerful, clean, 1 second spray and then 3 seconds propane.
Varied distance
Repel 100 Bug Repllent Quiet, very flammable
Smells bad
T.A.R.D.I.S. Launches fly through time and space
Will attract all alien life forms and all timelords within the next 100 parallel universes, including the Doctor and the Master
Maplin Electrical Contact Cleaner Burns very clean, makes lovely boom, fires every time with 2-3 short bursts of spray & spuds go faaar away.
None that I've found. £3.99 a can & it lasts for ages.
Dollar General Spray Paint Dirt cheap ($1 per can), decent range, decent power. Loud orange flame.
Makes the chamber rather colored. DG won't sell it to anyone under 18. Stinks.
10 parts hydrogen + 5 parts oxygen + 2 parts propane + 2 parts LPG SUPER COMBUSTIBLE, Big Cannon-like bang,Superb milage, Very powerful, Burns Quick and launches INTENSE pressure giving no chance for s stuck spud, Easy to clean out gasses spent, Spray 8-10 seconds in a 2:1 steel spud-cannon, I once launched a spud with this propellant skyward, landed after a record 22 seconds
Use a well sealed Steel cannon or it may blast. obtaining and synthesizing gasses for the fuel is not easy must be done by ADVANCED hobbyists, Pricey but worth it
Brake Cleener Shoots far and loud bang but age to use!
Leaves a smell and leaves the chamber sticky
Old Spice+Axe+Aussie Loads easily
Smells bad
Engine oil, differential oil, ATF Slow burn, minimal kickback, decent distance, can be used in pvc guns
Must be atomized before entering gun chamber, leaves deposits in chamber if too much used, smoky and stinks to high heaven if using used oil
1 part Hydrogen Peroxide 3 parts Rubbing Alchohol Kind of loud, medium distance (800 ft) The Hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidiser, making it ignite easier.
Must be used in spray bottles, cannot be stored in same bottle, must fire almost immediately after loading, leaves water in gun that needs o be drained almost every shot.
Bushman's (bug spray) Insanely loud, shoots incredible distance, fireball, clean.
The sound Might scare you off your seat.
Amstrong Mixture (Match heads + phosphorus, 80%+20%) Big bang, very large distance. Easy to make. can be used instead of black powder.
Highly sensitive and responds to HEAT , FRICTION, ELECTRICITY
Sodium and Water Loud and fun. kinda cheap.
VERY dangerous
Electronic Cleaner Powerfull, flame shoots ou to the barrel, moderately loud
Easy to use too much, doesn't light every time
Antistatic aerosol Slightly more powerful than most propellants, Doesn't gum up chamber, leaves no residue.
Not the best propellant, not cheap (but not expensive either)
LeBron James Huge distance, always lands in the nearest basketball hoop. I aimed it at my dad's truck and it still landed in my hoop and didn't touch the truck.
You just have to know where to find him.
Tannerite Big boom
Hard to start
Sprayway Glass Cleaner Incredibly powerful, common, loud
You must spray it so it foams, not so it is liquid, smells terrible, difficult to ignite
Negitve air pressure nice bang, launches spuds very fast, safe
You have to build a vacuum cannon, it take a while to empty the pressure, you have to have a vacuum pump, you need to replace the aluminum burst discs for every shot
Rexon deoderant Mild Power
Gunk, Smells a lot, can do much better
Power Stick (spray deoderant) Works as good as right guard & residue is not sticky. Lots of Dollar Stores where I live carry it for - u guessed it - $1.00
Some liquid buld up. (dries out without gumming up the works)
The next satellite launch Goes really really far into orbit, fast, possibly free, all calculations done by Jet Propulsion scientists
Probably illegal might go to federal prison, need a friend at a space agency, tough to put it in the correct position.

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